Democrats Have Always Destroyed the Economy

Democrats Have Always Destroyed the Economy PART ONE

The biggest propaganda lie ever concocted and foisted upon the American people is the lie that Bush caused our economic crisis. He did not.

Before the Democrats took Congress in 2007 unemployment was 4.1%, gas was $1.70 a gallon, and the economy was expanding.

Then the Democrats took Congress in 2007 and promptly destroyed the economy. When Obama became president in 2009 he made it twice as bad.

Let’s do a little math here:

Bush was president for 8 years, from 2001 to 2009.

As I said, in 2007 unemployment was 4.1% and the economy was expanding. That is SIX years into the Bush presidency mind you - SIX OUT OF EIGHT. (And BTW: 4.1% is almost perfect since there is no such thing as a 0% rate.)

Now, can anyone explain to me why the first six years of the eight-year Bush presidency was just fine, and then magically, when the Democrats took over Congress, the economy tanked? Simple: The Democrats took power. When they took power they pushed their social engineering policy of trying to let minorities who wants to own a house own a house whether they could afford it or not. All the bad loans the banks made, they were browbeat into that by the Left. And THAT was the first domino in line to fall.

As I said: The biggest propaganda lie ever concocted and foisted upon the American people is the lie that Bush caused our economic crisis. In fact, Democrats did, with policies that can find their genesis in the Clinton years

Stay tuned for Part Two…

load democrat talking point cannons…



You’re wrong in attempting to blame one side or the other. Both sides were equally complicit…period. Who went to jail…anyone? If not…why not? Both sides were in a position to do something…anything? Attempting to look one direction and not in all…makes you partially blind my friend. Open your eyes…in all directions.

BTW…the beginning of the end happened when the Glass-Steagall Act was removed as a law of the land.


The 911 attacks were a negative factor during Bush II.

I mostly agree with the premise that R are better for the economy.

Both Bush Presidencies were mostly asleep at the economy wheel.

Obama could have done much better if he had focused on growing energy instead of turning it green.

Could be a fun thread.

No doubt Trump understands the economy and how to keep it in a growth mode.


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Plenty of blame to go around, and no one cared as long as people were making money in the short term.

Holder’s “too big to jail” policy made it so that the very people who ran a scam that brought down the economy never faced any real punishment.

Growing green energy is growing the energy sector.

Also, President Trump’s economic record is on par with Obama’s… not much better, not much worse.

Except for that Trillion Dollar deficit… that one seems out of character for Republicans

Cut taxes, increase spending. Not difficult to keep things cranking short term.

Same thing Reagan did in the early 80s.

Obama and Trump share credit for the economy. Obama helped get us out of the ditch and Trump has not steered us back into one.

As for green energy, we have abandoned it to the Chinese. That’s an amazingly stupid move.


The opposite side of the coin is that Obama was along for the ride after the 911 market plunge.

Employment was awful under Obama.

Health care market suffered after ACA was forced through.

Trump revived an economy under Obama malaise.

If Pelosi would pass USMCA we could be doing even better. She is afraid of prosperity for the working people.


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Reagan did not have 100 DOW record day trade closing values in 2 terms.


Somebody needs to tell the Chinese that.

They still are growing coal and polluting at disastrous levels.

Green energy can find its market better without government subsidy.

Look at all the tesla trucks that will be sold even if the glass isn’t as tough as the hype.



The idea that Trump revived the economy that was under an Obama malaise does not match up with reality.

Don’t argue about reality.


The Dow is made up of thirty companies, which were a different thirty companies in the 80’s and the everyday relationship of the average citizen to the stock market has changed over the past thirty years.

So it is silly to make that comparison

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Yep. Letting the Chinese be the leaders in the next generation of how electricity is made was a great failing.

So much about this that’s wrong.

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Not to mention the annualized returns of the Dow and S&P 500 have been lower than they were under Obama.

But oooooo, record days! Meaningless metrics that market illiterate people gawk at.


The Chinese are the worst polluters on the entire planet but…since sheople can’t see it…“it” doesn’t count.

Tesla’s quality regarding fit and finish is substandard compared to volume manufacturers.

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Everyone with a 401K would refute that.


So what other than vindictiveness prevents Pelosi from putting USMCA up for a vote that will sail it through?

Cruella wants to hold prosperity hostage to show Trump she has that power.


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And republicans are digging their heels in.