Democrats Have Always Destroyed the Economy

Trump to auto workers in Lordstown, OH… "don’t sell your homes. "

Looks like a scaled blowup of 1000 manufacturing specific sector jobs. Oh I see seasonally adjusted…

Still makes a nice click up after Q4 2016.


It shows that Obama was correct. Those jobs are in fact not coming back to the levels they used to be at. And Trump has more or less followed the same trend over the course of the last 10 years. The last couple of months have actually seen a decrease in manufacturing jobs.

How well did Trump manage his casino and university investments?

We understand that automation continues to decrease workforce numbers.

Obama was a little more negative on the potential moving forward, while Trump has done a lot to help industry flourish by reducing regulations and renegotiating trade deals.

Pelosi is holding back another surge by refusing to call USMCA for a vote. Everyone knows it will pass with strong bipartisan support.


Taking a page from McConnel’s playbook.

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Please name a couple regulations that have been reduced that have contributed to an increase in manufacturing jobs. If Trump has done so much, why are manufacturing jobs starting to decline? I mean, all of these reduced regulations, renegotiated trade deals, and cut in taxes, I’m just flabbergasted why manufacturing jobs aren’t exploding (spoiler: I’m really not).


USMCA is barely distinguishable from NAFTA save for the initials. But what changes there are are popular with both Republican and Democratic constituents

And Pelosi isn’t holding it up for impeachment…you’re just parroting Trump’s talking points, for which, as usual, he has provided zero evidence.


You might enjoy this…

The new Trump Shuttle operation launched on June 8, 1989, and by the end of August had returned to a strong market share of 40-50%. Trump pushed to make the new shuttle a luxury service and a marketing vehicle for the Trump name. Its aircraft were newly painted in white livery and the interiors redecorated with such features as maple wood veneer, chrome seat belt latches, and gold colored lavatory fixtures. The airline also was a leader in the adoption of advanced technologies; it introduced some of the first passenger self-service check-in kiosks in coordination with Kinetics at its LaGuardia base and partnered with LapStop, a startup firm which rented laptop computers to passengers. The airline was also an early adopter of the GTE Airfone in-flight telephone system.[6][8] Flights offered free meals, including chicken and steak on some flights, as well as complimentary champagne, beer and wine.[10] Both Trump and Pan Am spent millions on advertising campaigns around this time in an attempt to maintain a strong competitive position.[5]

The short haul flight model has continued to contract…give Trump credit for seeing this and getting out.


Nice to see South China daily staying on top of things…


Does our legislative body work for the DNC or the US taxpayer?


First one I grabbed…could have been one of at least a dozen that I found.

There’s zero evidence the deal isn’t working it’s way through the final checkpoints before eventual passage.

There’s zero evidence Pelosi is holding it up to deny Trump a win.

Trump spouted off…you believed him without evidence…as usual…period.

So you give me the Fox News spin in response?

Can you cite a specific industry – with financial results – that has flourished due to Trump reducing regulations. We hear a great deal here about how much good Trump has done by reducing regulations – in the abstract – but never hear a single success story.

As to the “huge surge” that will occur when USMCA passes… again, what specific change from NAFTA to USMCA is going to produce this huge surge and where will it occur? I am not saying that it won’t occur, but I’ve never seen any analysis that explains how the promised benefits will actually occur.

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Was that related to his management of his casino or university?

How do you feel about the Senate not working for the taxpayer?

PART TWO: Prequel to Part One

Jimmy Carter, Democrat, president from 1977 to 1980. That man destroyed our economy. What happened in 2008 was nothing compared to the late 1970’s. We had gas lines for miles, gas rationing, unemployment off the charts.

Ronald Reagan, Republican, was then elected in 1980 and gave us the greatest post WWII economic boom: Lowering taxes, freeing business from regulations… …just like Trump is doing. It worked then and it works now.

PART THREE: After the Dems destroyed the economy in late 2007, Obama came in and made it worse. It did not start turning around a little bit until the Republicans took back the Congress two years into Obama’s first term. Any small gains after that were thanks to the GOP putting the breaks on Obama’s extremism, and the sheer entrepreneurial spirit of Americans. That, plus some artificial hollow growth due to massive pumping of dollars into the economy. Trump is finally bringing back REAL growth and jobs.

The facts simply don’t agree with your accusations. I have already questioned whether the promotion of minority home ownership contributed to the real estate collapse under President Bush.

As the above White House Press Release shows, the program that you are claiming was implemented by Democrats in 2007, was actually implemented by President Bush and a Republican majority Congress in 2003.

So if you wish to blame government intervention to promote minority home ownership for the real estate collapse, at least acknowledge that this was a Republican initiative.

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Real growth and jobs, as opposed to Obama’s hollow growth and jobs.

That real growth and jobs is actually lower than the hollow growth and jobs. Conservative logic.


The Senate is ready to vote on USMCA.