Democrats: Explain why I should ABANDON ICE who keep me safe from MS 13 and other gangsters?

I’m a conservative white male. I prefer not being horribly killed by MS 13 and other illegal aliens who have been brainwashed America is a racist country.

While Democrats do their best to import millions of illegals, they teach them to hate Americans callings us racist and every other bad name.

So its unsafe. When I see a gaggle of illegals hanging out, I fear for my life.

So Democrats, why should I support Abandoning ICE who protects us from Democrat lunacy, to embrace your policies?

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Question. First…where do you live?

First of all, not all Democrats are backing the idea. The Democrats who are saying this (the ones on the hill) are saying that they believe that the agency has gotten to the point where it is not efficient and there are some policies that need to be reviewed. They are saying that Congress needs to review all of the ICE programs and see if they need tweaking or start with a clean slate and make a better organization. Not one Democrat is saying to abolish it and have nothing there or even have a gap between getting something new. Not one Democrat has said that they want the new agency to have any less powers to administer enforcement. And certainly the biggest lie that is being told is that abolishing ICE would open the borders. Clue, ICE does not patrol or control what goes on at the border.
Trump, the CEC and certain Republicans are now telling lies about what the Democrats really mean when they propose abolishing ICE. And I am amazed that so many on these boards are just going along with it.
And I’m mad that the Democrats that have this stance are not doing a better job at relaying what they mean.
Bottom line, if ICE were to be change or even abolished it would have to be by an act of Congress. And who controls Congress? Both sides would have to agree that something better is needed at this time.

Its good you want to defend Democrats, but lying about their desire to Abandon the heroes of ICE robbed you of credibility:

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. Not one Democrat is saying to abolish it -GrandWazoo

BAC…let me ask you another question. Has the MS 13 problem gotten better or worse in the past year and a half?

Or let me put it to you this way. I never heard of MS 13 until TRUMP started talking about it. So are you afraid of them because you think they want to kill you
…or are you afraid because Trump wants you to be afraid so ICE can run tough on immigrants. Cuz honestly. I’m pretty knowlegeble on gangs…and I never heard of them.

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Agree. Trumpanzees went from never having heard of them to fearing them practically over night. I will give Trump his props. He’s very good at marketing.

So now you are not going to post my complete quote and at the same time say I don’t have credibility? Geez.

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As a critical thinker, believer in abductive reasoning…I can infer the likely result of secreting illegals into the country using various disreptuable methods, from child endangerment to cartel drug tunnels…

Then teaching those illegals America hates them, is racist and seeks only to harm them…

That Democrats are creating an enemy force within our borders that hate Americans, and will rise up and do terrorist acts.

La Rasa already does that. MS 13 and other gangs are a direct product of Democrat hate against America.

Its not rocket science. The logical result of making illegals break the law, teaching them to illegally obtain money from the Government, then teaching them we are racists who hate them…

That Democrats are setting America up for an internal war the likes of which we haven’t experienced since the Civil War.

Your posts are dishonest.

Where did I lie? Please be specific.

If illegals were such a danger you would think the birder cities would be crime ridden hell holes. But the border cities don’t appear anywhere on the list of most dangerous cities in the us

“Not one Democrat is saying to abolish it”-GrandWazoo

The CNN link contradicted that completely.

And you evaded my concern. Its not that I think Democrat spin unreasonable, its that the facts on the ground frighten me.

While Democrats teach illegals Americans are racist and hate them, still they strive to import them by the millions.

They are importing an invading force. These folks are being taught to hate America, not love it. And they will act in accordance with what they have been taught. Crime is increasing, so are terrorist acts in the name of La Rasa.

Democrats scare me, they teach millions to hate me, while I am stuck paying the bills.

Where do you see gaggles of illegals? What a crock.

Like a lot of Conservatives you’re probably afraid of your own shadow.

Show me where I said that as a standalone statement. I never did. Talk about fake news.

Not a crock. Every day reports surface of mobs surrounding Republicans, even when dining out. Democrats are inciting riots against Americans, by the illegals they teach to hate us…

Democrats are behaving treasonously against our country, secreting an invasion force of haters who seek to rob and pillage and murder all they can…while blaming us for being racist as Democrats taught them to do.

They are the victims, not us.

Well, I don’t buy it. And I fail to see any rational reason why I should support Democrats during the mid-term elections.

That is like committing suicide. Voting Democrat is suicide if you aren’t an illegal alien.

I’m sorry, but you are beyond gone and not worth my time. You have gotten completely sucked in to the CEC mentality which strives to divide and make people hate. There have been many times that I think that you are just trolling. And I hope that is so. Because your arguments are now at a level of ignorance as our president. And I really feel sorry for you because now you just want to preach and not discuss.

!!! I’m making people hate??? Here is the Face of the Democrat Party, not exactly preaching love and tolerance. Common people are also targets, they however don’t get the publicity:

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As I said, what a crock. You couldn’t even answer my question. Tell me, where do you see gaggles of illegals?

Also, where do gaggles of illegals every day surrounding Republicans? you aren’t being honest.

For someone whose name is born again Christian he certainly doesn’t live up to Christian principles