Democrats Creating Artificial Shortages that will Lead to Recession

and what will they be missing when they only get paid for 40?

I will put you down in the column with whose who think that working 70+ hours a week is all good.

creating artificial shortages by keeping freight out of ports will drive up prices further. its all part of te plan to monetize the debt while having a convenient plausible deniability excuse.

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did it more than 1/2 of my adult life. families better off for it. if its mandatory overtime, and you don’t want to do it, quit. if its not mandatory, quit whining


Or… and here me out… use the power of the Union to get better pay and better work hours.

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don’t need a union to make decisions for me.


I make my own decisions.

I also enjoy a pretty high level of pay with good health care and a pension.

The contract that is in question is the Digital Media Contract that was agreed to ten years ago and has since expired. A decade ago, streaming services were not really a thing so the contract that was agreed to was for lower rates and less restrictions on the production since it was an untested medium.

Now in 2021 almost everything is Digital Media. So when companies like Amazon, Apple, Netflix and such are crying poverty… no one believes them.

Getting better hours and better pay is the American way… and while some will say “quit whining” others will actually do something to improve their own lives.


if the contract has expired then i would agree that negotiations are in order to hammer out a new one. however, people need to quit whining about what they have already agreed to. if the union agreed to continue working on the old contract until a new one is hammered out, quit whining and get to the table. don’t expect to get everything you “demand”.

therein lies my problem with unions… “demands”. in places where unions are entrenched employers are at their mercy, and lets face it, unions have no more “mercy” than bad employers do. less even.


Unions cannot legally Strike while under contract.

striking is not the only thing they do. and we both know that the legality of it wouldn’t stop them anyway.


Yes it would.

The NLRB would come down hard on the Union.

comical under this administration.

The administration doesn’t matter.

The NLRB will come down on them hard.


we both know the administration does matter.

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Nope… My own local came under the boot of the NLRB and rightfully so under the Obama administration for exclusionary practices.

the obama administration is not the biden administration

I guess one can live under this fantasy that the NLRB will act differently in order to justify some belief… but… it won’t. It just won’t.

it will, and it does. the fantasy is yours

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I am in my 60’s and still work 70 or more hours a week. Have done this most of my life and I seem to have less heath problems than people in their thirties who work forty hours or less a week and spend the right of their time in bars or sitting on the couch in front of the tv.

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Good for you.

I prefer to work less and continue to make a living.

Especially when it comes to dealing with super large corrporations