Democrats Build Back Bankrupt Bill

You might want to download a dictionary and look up “efficiency.”


I guess you don’t understand it in this context.

I guess you don’t understand the situation inherent inefficiency of government in any context.

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I understand your belief is hardwired.

Yep. I’m pretty much stuck on the facts.

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How many of these did Brandon buy?

Chinese electric bus…or was.


corporate welfare… no thanks, not a fascist




Was the interstate highway system built by fascists?


Hard to argue with that.

It was built on a lie, that is was federal because of defense, when the fact is, the enemy can use the same interstates if we were ever invaded.


Would we be better off without it?

is an interstate highway a business?

That has nothing to do with it.

except what you’re talking about isn’t building a highway, its subsidizing a business. apples/oranges. there are only a couple subsidies i have ever been in favor of, and those only because they serve a vital national interest.

family farms and small drilling operations. and the drilling ops only for under performing wells that otherwise would be capped. if there are other necessary subsidies for things that really support a vital national interest, i’m not aware of them.

To those who would pay little to no taxes of course they wouldn’t be insanely high.

A good many of the left want a socialist welfare state system like Norway in the hopes of transferring more money from the pockets of others to their own.

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Building a highway is an example.

Government contracts to private industry to build infrastructure or repair existing infrastructure creates jobs.

Exactly. 1st thing i noticed. The VAT is about as high as their income tax. Plus a multitude of other taxes.


You do realize we have sales tax here too, right?