Democrats Build Back Bankrupt Bill

It was supposed to cost zero, tax the rich & not the middle class or poor, & all the other blah, blah,blah talking points.

It has included in it:

-The $600 banking surveillance.

-Less taxes on the “Rich”

-More taxes on the rest of us, plus as a cute bonus 87,000 new IRS agents to go after us all.

-It costs many billions

-Lot’s of new tax regulations to waste our valuable time on. The tax code is already so big it would take almost a lifetime just to read & understand. As a great new feature of all that, it will likely cost more to go after taxpayers than it will bring in.

-Green new deal

-Illegal alien money

-Lots of other baloney & all of it will hurt the economy & send inflation up more


Huge tax on vape liquid in it too. Dems don’t care how many people die from tobacco, they need to get paid.


Well, libs? Are we gonna get rabid together or what?


I’m going to have to vote dem now. :wink:

Question: was that liquid taxed less than tobacco before?

Well considering it isn’t tobacco, why is that relevant? By the way, I quit vaping but I would never have been able to kick the tobacco addiction without vaping, I know, I tried for years. Saved my life, zero doubt.

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It was just a question, no need to flinch. It’s nicotine, not methadone.

lets not forget the 57k per year per employee tax credit for the media for up to 1500 employees…

gotta pay the help


Good for you!

Pay their media arm of the democratic party.


Now the Democrats are adding a ten dollar tax to a product that used to cost like eight dollars and was saving millions of Americans from lung cancer. Monsters is the polite term for them.

Ask yourself, do you want you kid to smoke, or vape? You’re a moron if you answer smoke.

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They love to tell everyone WHAT THEY MUST DO!

I don’t know if the emails even went through since I don’t live in either West Virginia or Arizona, but I emailed both Senators Manchin and Sinema this morning.

In so many ways We the People feel powerless in the face of the bureaucracy but we at least have to try to tell these people how we feel. My message to them was, although I don’t live in your state right now we are all your constituents, and I thanked them for standing up in the face of the pressure they most be feeling to pass the needless and unaffordable Build Back Better (should be called Build Back Bankrupt or Build Back Socialism) bill.

I probably just wasted 45 minutes of my life but damnit we’ve got to try to stand up in the face of the onslaught of socialism and government overreach the Democrats are offering.


I am glad you did it. I don’t think it a waste of time…

The last time I emailed a senator, Sherrod Brown OH, I caught a ridiculous federal tax audit claiming there was a discrepancy in my state and federal reporting. Which didn’t exist mathematically. Your experience may differ but I wouldn’t count on it.

Wow! I heard democrats did that, I figured it was only for those running for office, etc.

False dichotomy.

From your second link:

Child tax credits for undocumented immigrants. The legislation would end the requirement of a valid Social Security number and thus extend the refundable child credit to undocumented families — covering approximately 675,000 children. It is not anti-immigrant to note that even legal immigrants (such as green card holders) have typically had to wait five years to receive public assistance benefits. The waiting period matters because, for a family with three young children, the fully refundable $10,800 child tax credit payment would exceed the entire average family income in several Central and South American countries, and thus encourage more illegal border crossings.

Come to America and get all sorts of free stuff at the expense of the moronic American middleclass!



Soooooo…it’s back…is it going to pass?

Will it cause hyperinflation?

Bout all I can say,