DEMOCRATS Becoming More Violent and Unhinged! Is This What Maxine Wanted?

Psychos! And crickets!

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I’m sure a lib will be around to say this is all the fault of Trump due to his outrageous rhetoric.

How about people being responsible for their own actions?

The political climate is really, really bad these days, but it didn’t start with Trump. It’s been going on for many years. The problem is Trump dialed it up to 11.

Still doesn’t excuse people resorting to violence and criminal actions. I worry that things could get even worse.

Why do they write what the tweeter says, then post the tweet itself?

They need to declare the whole party a hate group.

I guess the baseball practice wasn’t enough.

I’m convinced that a big part of the media strategy is to stir people up into such a frenzy that there’s an assassination attempt. They know there are people like this out there.

I’ve often wondered that myself. I’m guessing it has something similar to do with the content rules for attribution that we have here.

Its the fault of bothsides its a never ending dumbster fire has been since Bush won.

You can see it in the ever increasing incivility n this forum…though part of that may be a difference in mods over the years.


The media needs to tone down their Trump hate.

This post right here is a joke right? You start a thread whining about a few people being nuts and attacking other based on political views and you are doing the same thing but in a verbal and not physical way. You need to take some self reflection and look at the things Trump has said at his rally’s about hitting others. You support a party that elected someone who body slammed a reporter to the ground cause idiot did not want to answer a valid question. I don’t support the Democrat party as a whole cause they are basically GOP wannabes and are corrupt as Trump is. But yea sure Democrats are only problem because they say mean things about Trump.

Most likely staged.

I’ve noticed they are starting to parody themselves as well. It used be that we would be the ones showing how ridiculous their claims are by making stupid accusations to make a point. Now they are just doing it themselves.

This afternoon on MSNBC they were saying we all made a deal with the devil.
They are beside themselves.

No comparison. None.

They say things that more aptly apply to themselves.

At one time the media did a hit job and that was the end of whomever they were going after. That doesn’t happen any more, likely in part because there are more media options today, but also because Trump didn’t cave to them but hit back just as hard.
Their response is to just double down and double down again.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is accelerating at an increasing rate and lib heads are…imploding.

I smell blood in the water. I really think this whole deal is about to explode and it’s not going to be what libs think. Me…I’m flying in my taxi…takin tips and sayin I told ya so. :sunglasses:

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The only people paying any attention to Maxine Waters are winger nuts.

They are quite angry that this isn’t true anymore too!

The recency bias is strong here…

Let me refresh some memories

Marckles Alcius
James Alex Fields Jr.
James Harris Jackson
Robert Dear
Frazier Glenn Miller Jr.
Dylann Roof

There are crazy people on both sides of the political spectrum. Don’t think for a second it’s a one sided issue.

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I’m waiting for DEMs to find some obscure GOP incident that happened a year or two ago that they will trot out in an attempt at moral equivalency.