DEMOCRATS at it Again, Deny Ballot Access to Green Party Candidate For President

In 2016 the Green Party candidate took over 30,000 votes in Wisconsin, so this time the dimocrats have done their best to deny voters options, first getting Kanye booted from the ballot and now Howie Hawkins.

What are they so afraid of?? Don’t they believe in democracy??

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They believe in states rights.

States run the elections.

Always have, always will.

States rights have nothing to do with democracy.


Does WI not have a way to write in candidates? In GA, we’ve had that capability for as long as I can remember

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Hey, as we’ve seen with President Trump - if it’s not technically illegal (and even in some cases if it is), they’re golden.

:us: Flush Twice :us:

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Apparently, election laws are difficult to follow for some.

Hey OP, you know the Supreme Court of Wisconsin is control by conservative justices, right?

Wisconsin Supreme Court dominated by conservatives.

Yes. We do.

Don’t interrupt his frothing.

From the linked article:

Less than a week ago, the high court abruptly halted the delivery of absentee ballots across the state in order to consider granting Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins and vice presidential candidate Angela Walker ballot access after the Wisconsin Elections Commission denied them on a 3-3 party-line vote. The commission has three Democratic and three Republican appointees.

The dimocrats are the ones who had a problem with it. They’re the ones who advocated against ballot access and they’re the ones who voted against it. They then pursued their cause to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

And the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted 4-3 to deny access, so it hardly seems like “dominated by Republicans”.

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No frothing here. Just facts.

Hawkins wanted the court to place him on the ballot after his request was rejected by the Elections Commission. He and running mate Angela Walker were kept off the ballot due to a complaint alleging Walker listed an incorrect address on thousands of her nominating signatures, bringing her number of valid signatures below the required threshold to secure a spot on the ballot.

They weren’t without reason. Cross your t’s and dot your i’s.

But it is controlled by republicans.

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Not technically illegal.


Meh, that’s the republican motto.

Hey, I turned that into a meme on this forum.

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Why are Republicans so interested in getting the Green Party on the ballot, to the point of staging signature drives in several States?

Your rhetorical question will be lost on most.

Same reason dimocrats were so involved in getting mcmullen and gary johnson on the ballots the last time around. And helping the libertarian candidates in 2018 elections in places like Virginia and others.

The dimocrats ran a spoiler against dan bongino in safe Maryland a few years back.

And don’t even get me started on ross perot staying in the '92 race.

Apparently walker moved at some point during the process and made officials aware of that fact.

Doesn’t seem disqualifying to rational people.

No, she did not make officials aware of that. That is the problem.