DEMOCRATS at it Again, Deny Ballot Access to Green Party Candidate For President

The Commission is required to be 3 Dems 3 Reps.

The conservative led Supreme Court made the final decision.

I love when people post about Wisconsin who have no clue of how the state government works.

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Do you know how many votes Donald won Wisconsin by in 2016?


Looks like you’re wrong.

-The dissent also pointed out that Walker’s campaign had contacted the Elections Commission about Walker’s change of address. A WEC staffer apparently told Walker that any nomination petitions circulating should have Walker’s amended, correct address. The staffer also told the Walker campaign not to alter any candidate information on pages that voters had already signed, and that Walker could later amend her declaration of candidacy to reflect that she moved.

The doesn’t mean that one side had to challenge it. The dimocrats chose to challenge the validity.


There’s a whole lot more to it that you didn’t copy/paste.

One side didn’t challenge it.

Not much democracy in the democrat party, just like there is little liberty in modern liberalism…

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