Democrat Recession Hoax Just One of Many

Please describe this “recession hoax”.

What are you actually talking about?

We are growing but we are far from “booming”.

The economy grew faster in the last years under Obama than it has under Trump…even taking into account a slowdown in growth at the end of Obama’s last term.

When economies are booming, Presidents don’t whine that we need interest rate cuts and declare the Fed Chair to be a bigger enemy than China.


Please tell us your theory about inverted yield curves, Ceasar.

With similar GDP growth under Obama, OP was complaining about how the economy (really, the Obama administration) was putting him out of business.

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I remember that. If I recall, it involved the purchase of investment real estate at exactly the wrong time.

Do me a favor… re-read what you just wrote and pretend that the person who wrote that isn’t you but a random guy on the street and you just met him.

Does that sound like a person you’d have a conversation with or a person you’d like to run away from?


Yes, Democrats invented using economic events and the other party’s missteps to their political advantage. It’s a totally new phenomenon in politics.

There does seem to be more talk of a recession in the media now. Likely there are some signs that can be interpreted that way, at least when matched with the hope that there will be one to get rid of Trump (as indicated by Maher).
Its hard to divide the bias from the reporting here, though…sort of the way that the homeless are discovered during Republican administrations.

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(emphasis added above)

There are objective metrics, and you can look them up yourself.

We are being deceived by the Enemy of the People, and now that Fox is moving away from objective journalism and engaging in destructive negativity against the Chosen One, there is nothing to counter the liberal agitprop. Americans will become convinced that the nation is in a desth spiral and vote against their own best interests by ousting Donald.

The only thing we can do to save ourselves at this point is nuke a hurricane.

I do. When? When is Trump going to put us in a recession?

Asking this question demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of economics and how recessions work.

Are you saying the left won’t blame him?

No. I’m saying recessions are unpredictable.

Did it?

Or is the this chart lying?

I don’t really know if we are going into a recession within the next couple of years. I don’t have a crystal ball. What I do know is that the economy is slowing down a bit and that there were more jobs created during Obama’s last 30 months than during Trump’s first 30 months. From August of 2014 till January of 2017 about 6.61 million jobs were created. From February of 2017 till July of 2019 about 5.737 jobs were created. About 873,000 more jobs were created during Obama’s last 30 months than during Trump’s first 30 months.

He did. He declared war on coal. It wiped out jobs all over West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, & Southern Ohio. There was billboards that read: “Obama no job zone” Obama flipped a dyed in the wool democrat state to deep red because of that & gun control. A prison inmate beat Obama who somehow got himself on the presidential ballot for West Virginia. So, yes, Obama takes the most credit for the deep job losses here, & it’s not going to be forgotten soon. Not just me.

The last 2 years has been prenominal for my business. My income has tripled. I’m out of debt, & building homes & selling them. The difference in this area has been like night & day, but hey, let’s hear how coal isn’t coming back, & its dead.

The coal trains are running all the time out of WV into Ohio like before, my brother in law was told the plant he works at that was slated to close is not now, & he will get to work till retirement.

You can make light of it if you like, we know how condescending the left is toward flyover country. We won’t vote for them any more. I once did, no more.

The growth here under Obama was in welfare, food stamps, suicides, & U-Haul. Now it’s real jobs, & higher pay. It was malaise under Obama, & then Hillary came to Ashland Ky., & said she was going to do as Obama, put coal jobs & the coal industry under.

It wasn’t just coal, it was a myriad of support industries, & retail jobs that went away. Entire towns basically went off the map, & it might have not been so badly seen if Obama had even faked like he cared what happened to us here. He was just condescending & arrogant, uncaring, & flippant.

But hey, the democrats is the party who “cares”…

Reality is a hoax.


Companies routinely do major layoffs during economic booms. It’s not like there’s multiple industries being hurt by the tariffs “against” China. Business has been so good they’ve had to stop exporting because they were too successful. So successful in fact that the President himself “ordered” them to stop doing business with China altogether. Man, I’m so tired of all this winning.

As usual, the left making fun of misfortune…

I bought 17 rentals & a new home when there was no artificial war on coal from Obama. I had some of those properties nearly paid off, but still lost it all. You on the left ruin someone & think it’s funny, & blame them for making bad decisions. Who would have ever imagined they would deliberately destroy tens of thousands of jobs & an entire region of the US? Especially in a deeply democratic area & heavily unionized, United Mine Workers Union is where unions began in the US.

But, they did! The lifelong democrats couldn’t believe how the democrats betrayed them. It did do one positive, the entire area will never vote much for democrats again.

You are typical of the democrat responses we all have heard in this area, condescension, arrogance, & ridicule. But hey, keep it up! You just are making sure we will never make the mistake of voting for you again. Glad you are working so hard getting Trump re-elected here.

I think this one thing, coal, maybe guns also is why there is no President Hillary. I’m sure you on the left are too above us here to care though, huh?