Democrat Recession Hoax Just One of Many

First they tried the coup attempt with the Russian collusion hoax, the Trump is senile hoax, then the Trump wasn’t spied on hoax, then the racism hoax, now the recession hoax. Add to that all the other hoaxes perpetrated farther into the past by them, it’s like the boy that cried wolf, soon nobody will believe them about anything, well, except the hardcore amongst them…

Man how many deep states are there?

The fbi, the banks, the media, the courts, the scientists


Just one, all on the left & the republican RINO’s. All working together for their own power & enrichment and not caring about the people.

The FBI & the FISA courts had a few who did break the law & lie to us all, mostly those in the Obama administration, including Obama & Hillary.

I suppose scientists was brought in on this conversation to lend some kind of credibility to the hoax? How do scientists have anything to do with the democratic hoaxes?

Yeah, the Democrats caused the yield curve to invert. That’s definitely what happened.

And they are causing other countries’ economies to slow down. Yep.

And they made Trump escalate the trade war which resulted in the market dropping sharply. Of course.

Those dang Democrats, they are way too powerful!


Nice deflection attempt. The yield curve lasted 24 hours. It didn’t stay there, but hey, the sky is falling.

Yes the China trade war may well slow down the economy, but so far the US economy is doing very well, but again, the sky is falling, & why do anything at all that China steals from us regularly, military secrets, intellectual property, blocks our products from coming into their country while selling massive amounts of their products to our country. Just ignore that forever, huh?

We can get many other countries that like us to do what China is doing. I prefer we keep the jobs here though. The globalists don’t care about the US.

Then the rest of the world is slowing down while we are booming. Sorry for them but we are booming, but hey, let’s panic here, right? If it was like that with a democrat in as President, the media would be in full praise mode for the dear leader.

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I was referring to global warming “hoax”

I think you meant to send this script to your local radio show


Yeah? Do scientists agree that there is 89 different sexes?

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That’s all you got for a reply? I accept your surrender.

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Are you actually saying we are in a recession? Bawahahahaha!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Good one farva


No. Where the crap did I even imply that?

However, it is indeed a fact that the economy is slowing.


BINGO! I knew one of you would prove my OP true!

What? How the ■■■■ does that prove your OP true? We’re not in a recession. Not a single person who knows a tiny bit of economics has asserted we are in a recession. Come back to reality.



With 100% certainty, no.

This is a stupid ass question that demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of economics.


So, who’s in charge?

October surprise?

Lighten up everyone… we might have the Dow reach 26,000… again.

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It seems as if you don’t understand what the definition of a recession is.

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