Democrat Politicians Can't Handle Their California Socialist Utopia

Democrat Politicians need to pander to get the Illegal vote.

They do sanctuary cities, even though most of their own voters don’t want them.

Just another things that Democrat Politicians force down Americans throats!
You’re ganna take it America, and you’re ganna like it! No matter what!

Not when you have the city council making too many regulations and permits.,

So is Capitalism good or bad?

You don’t get the simple fact that California eclipsing all other states GDP and being BY FAR the biggest economic engine the country has, effects the costs of living?

Not to mention the weather :sunglasses:

Modern conservatives on display :joy:

So, that makes their homelessness problem OK? The GDP would be even bigger with good government.

I was just curious is all. Democrats keep saying how California is so good, and I’m
still waiting to see in what ways specifically, especially compared overall to the rest of America? I mean, if a state has one great thing about it, but 99 bad things, is it considered a really great state still, just because it’s a Liberal State?

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LA is on display as an example of what dems produce over time… So is NYC>>

All cities have homelessness. Not all cities are in mild temperate regions that almost encourage it 365 days a year.

You should see the beach camps in Hawaii. But they don’t treat it as homelessness, often locals.

Answers to stupid questions? Sure.

In AOC they trust! lol.

It’s like a Utopia and stuff, and like Cali leads the economy and stuff.

What’s an economy? lol

LA had almost no homeless when Reps ran Cal… Skid row was small… What happened?

Not true. Also, what was the population then versus now.

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***!!! ***!!! hahahaha. you and the Democrat on here are the ones asking the questions!!! ***!!! hahahaha

Don’t have a meltdown!

I live here. You read stories from the CEC about San Fransisco. You really have no clue about the realities.


Yes, it is. The total population means nothing. It’s the percent of the population that you compare…

“to each is their own”.

We each make our own observations, and our own opinions, based upon what
we are presented with.

That’s how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks?