Democrat Leadership: no vax, no job, no Social Security check, no healthcare, no housing

See: Dems Block Bill to Protect Vax Holdouts from Losing Social Security, Gov’t Benefits

October 20, 2021

“Democrats today said they are willing to revoke your social security checks, take away health care for the poor, elderly and vulnerable children, kick folks out of their homes and deny needed food assistance—all because of a personal medical decision to not receive a vaccine,” Scott said in a statement.

Not only does the lunatic Democrat Party Leadership want to punish our nation’s first responders and teachers for making a personal medical decision, but now they want to attack our nation’s elderly, deny them their Social Security check which they paid for all their lives, if they dare to refuse an unwanted medical treatment . . . all this while they allow hundreds of thousands of foreigners infected with COVID to invade our borders and then transport these unvaccinated law breakers to our nation’s interior where they can infect our nation’s population.


The Democrat Party Leadership, once an advocate for hard working American citizens and their families, has now GONE MAD

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Yes, whoever is running the presidency really seems to hate freedom and America.


May the Vaxcist in government have nothing to eat but ghost pepper flavored Sugar Free Haribo Bears and nothing to drink but warm prune juice.


It’s true leftist fashion to dehumanize and destroy anyone who doesn’t fit the mold. Look at any history book. :man_shrugging:


The Night of Long Injections


Some compare these times to the movie “Idiocracy” but with the dems trying to push the unvaxxed out of society it’s looking more like “Demolition Man…”

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I’m shocked that the Dems wouldn’t support a bill to prohibit something that no one has any intention of doing. Meanwhile, the R’s block EVERYTHING.


They seem to want us to be like Venezuela or Cuba. :crazy_face:


It’s no different that requiring states to tow the line or not getting aid because they don’t enforce federal law

You were all for that.


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Transportation for illegal aliens…not for goods.

Starting to think we need a bigger party this coming Jan 6.

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You going to guarantee that? Seems to me if they won’t agree NOT to do it, it’s on their minds.

Blocking protections speaks loud and clear.

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That’s pretty much it right there. But par for the course for this place.

Tucker Carlson just ran a story about a lady who will die without getting a kidney transplant. Both she, and her donor were refused the procedure because neither have been vaccinated. The lady who needs the kidney has had Covid and ought to have natural immunity. No exceptions. She was told no vaccine no life saving operation.

I’ve said many times in many threads in this forum: Libs don’t give a rats ass about human life. Absolutely nothing matters to them except power and control! They continue to prove me right. They’re not going to be satisfied until war breaks out….



Hear! Hear! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Sooooo, just get vaxxed then.

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Sooooo, just drink the koolaid.

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It won’t be as big as the one that will occur on the 1st Tuesday in November, 2021.

Did he happen to explain whether it was hospital policy?

That would seem to be the rational, sane, logical and sensible decision.

We live in a world where kidney transplants are routine but vaccinations are witchcraft.

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