Democrat health care plan

Lot’s of current democrat contenders want to repeal and replace Obama care with something more like Norway, or Canada.

Please post ideas here, not insults directed either at the ACA or the Democratic opposition to it. I would really like to see if something better can emerge.

I haven’t seen democrats say they want to repeal the ACA. Can you give some examples for us to see what you are referencing?

That’s what medicare for all means, which is what Bernie wants. AOC was for outlawing all private insurance too!

Not a lot of ideas over here and the dem health care plan thread…

Thats just a wish list not actual legislation, medicare for all. How will that pass in the senate?
Outlawing private insurance? How will even pass the house.

we already have a true democratic plan that actually passed both the house and senate and was signed by the president.

Now it needs tweaks. Thats what a bipartisan committee needs to work on, not repealing it.


Repealing Obama care and putting in medicare for all is what Bernie is running on, and All campaign pledges are wish lists, obviously.

What “tweek” does it need?

I think the Dutch model would be the easiest to transition to, but with the history of corporatism in our country as it relates to health insurance, I’d be wary of it backsliding towards what we have now.

I’d be cool with something like the NHS, but it’d probably be the most difficult to transition to. So, let’s just expand Medicare for All.

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I think tweaking the ACA is the wrong path because it gives Republicans campaign fodder every election year (that Obama thing) and is just a gift to corporations who provide health insurance anyway.

Medicare for All is the most practical plan, IMO.


How is medicare for all paid for?

From the govt?

Total free market actual “health care” and TORT liability limits so doctors don’t have to pay HUGE amounts in liability insurance and deregulation of HC “insurance” companies who currently are mandated to cover everything from childbirth to sex change operations in every policy they issue. It’s really absurd!

Those with “pre existing” conditions will be free to buy specialized and/or catastrophic HC insurance that have high premium costs and those that can’t afford to pay the premiums could go into medicaid (not medicare).

The “medicare for all” scheme only means substandard welfare type healthcare for the majority of citizens as the 1-5% wealthy can go wherever they want in the world for the best care that they can afford.

I don’t think many people actually know how that system works. Like you can’t just walk into an ER and get health care. And you always have to pay something. I’d be for those reforms…

With money. And more cheaply than our current system, by the tune of $2 trillion over 10 years.

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I’m recommending the voucher plan that you think is a good idea. It was brilliant. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Who’s plan is that?.. Where do you get the figures?

Medical liability costs only amount to 1.5% of all health care expenditures. That includes defensive medicine and liability insurance. If we’re talking about liability insurance, then that only amounts to 0.2% of all health care expenditures.

He’s got more details than your proposed GOP plan.

Medicare of All. The figures come from the Mercatus study that Republicans like Cruz love to cite.

How much do doctors have to pay for liability insurance is a better measure than a percent of the entire health care market, however that is defined… I think there has been some tort reform, not sure how it effected doctors costs, though…