Democrat battle cry: Pack that court! Pack the Senate too!

Democrats are ramping up their campaign to increase the size of the Supreme Court with more liberal justices as well as granting statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Their idea is permanently stack the deck for Democrats to ensure that future elections become irrelevant. Indeed, with large enough majority on the Supreme Court and addition of enough states they can effectively ignore the constitution and end the need for further elections to achieve their visions of leftist utopia.

The alleged reason stacking the court and the Senate is in retaliation for Republicans going ahead with replacing the open justice seat before the election. Democratic leaders have threatened massive retribution if they do not get their way:

Ironically Joe Biden specifically argued that confirming a nomination before a presidential election is entirely consistent and with the constitution back in 2016.

Are Democrats really looking for a pretext to establish a one-party dictatorship?

Is the current election really about whether any future elections will matter?

Getting worried?


And yet I’ve never heard a single solitary president talk about moving the date of the election - until Trump…


Absolutely, Democrats have gone collectively insane. They actually think they can get away with packing the courts and importing immigrant and illegal voters to win. Americans won’t stand for it.

It’s been more then 24 hours since Ginsberg death…but I’m sorry. Her selfish act has thrown this country into a turmoil because she was too proud to retire when she had perfect opportunity to do so. She had 8 years under Obama to replace her seat. She was the one that rolled the dice…and she lost. Now the country is paying the price for her failures.

And all those libs went alone with her…guess what…you lost that bet.

And now libs are acting like a sore loser because you gambled your retirement saving on a card game and lost. You knew your chances…Ginsberg knew she was rolling the dice.


“My Most Fervent Wish Is That I Not Be Replaced Until a New President Is Installed”

If this true, it is very sad. If it is not true, it is pathetic.

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RBG believed that staying and doing her job was important. She was not rolling the dice. Yes, she did believe that Clinton would win. And I don’t think that at the time she could know how bad her health would get. The Democrats are doing exactly what the Republicans would do in this situation. If anything is now going to motivate the Democrat base it is the court. And if the Republican Senators that went on record take it back they will lose the Senate in November.

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Do you agree with how Merrick Garland was treated by Mitch?
Are you willing to accept those Republican Senators that went on record then about a nomination in a election year?

She stayed because she was selfish and nothing more. How many here years ago under Obama did we say she should retire and spend remaining years of her life with family?

We discuss this back before Antonin Scalia had died even…when she was fighting her second bout with cancer. Then out of blue Scalia died shocking all of us.

Would Democrats have refused to confirm Garland if they had controlled the Senate in 2016?

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to bad. The GOP brought this on themselves. the dont deserve to ever win another election. I hope the GOP like justice obama. and maybe justice AOC

the GOP wanted war well bring it…

Oh more war talk because libs lost that gamble.

Talk like this is precisely why I blame Ginsberg.

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She had every opportunity to ensure her bench be in hands of liberal justice during those 8 years under Obama while her health deteriorated. And now lib s are blaming Trump?


Scared of war with these people, look how witty and competent they are.

No. Garland was very qualified.

What I said has absolutely nothing to do with Garland.

No, Libs are not blaming Trump at all. They are going to display all of the Republicans that made it a issue to say that a SCJ should not be confirmed during a election year.

I’ve been hearing this war talk, burning this country down just about all day…all because libs lost their bet.

Pathetic…just a bunch of sick pathetic sore losers.


From who?

It was a gamble…that paid off.

Mitch could have very well lost that bet…that was the gamble. Same goes for Ginsberg.

You guys lost again.