Defund the defunders!

SF and LA have announced that they will cut funding to the police and reallocate that money to minority communities.

Cool. If they don’t need the money lets cut off all federal moneys going to law enforcement in those cities and use it for the wall. If we can’t use it to catch criminals, maybe we can use it to screen the criminal element out at the border.


Sadly libs that are able will flee taking their money with em only to infect new locations.

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It seems libs new Queen in the making has officially thrown her support behind the defund the police.

What will Nancy do?

defund, what else can she do.

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it is now being proposed to cut 1B from NY law enforcement. Again, since they don’t need the money, cut off all federal spending to NYC for law enforcement.

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Good idea.

Is this a bad thing? Yes or no?

You need to ask? Of course it’s bad, it’s flat out racist.

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obviously, they don’t need the money. we can put it into law enforcement solutions that do work, like building the wall so we can help stop drug trafficking and funnel arivals to official entry points where the criminal element can be screened out.

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What is racist?

reverse racism is racism.

also, since the majority of violent crime in cities is in minority communities, fairly certain the result will be more crime.

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Allocating public money on a race basis.

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how do you feel about spending the money in the burbs instead?

How is this reverse racism? I thought racism was a myth?

By minority communities IN minority communities. Yes.

Can redirecting taxpayer dollars to uplift those communities reduce crime from those same communities?

Basically their answer is to give away more free stuff? That’s how you end systematic racism? When these cities go bankrupt we can’t be bailing out their stupidity.

Think he’d be down with Trump announcing he was going to allocate money to white neighborhoods?

Are we stopping that spending?

no, hasn’t worked in 50 years, won’t work in the next 50 either

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Isn’t that already happening?

I don’t know of any federal money being allocated to white people based on the color of their skin.

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