Defund the defunders!

are we adding to it?

all beside the point. no-where did I say that NYC, LA or SF or anywhere else shouldn’t do it. I just said since they obviously don’t need the money for law enforcement, there’s no need to send all those federal dollars they suck up for local law enforcement.

Those black communities demanding that change seem to think it would work better than funding a police force that has historically been used to discriminate against the same communities you think will be saved by increasing police power.

How would you know if it was or wasn’t?

if we allocate more money for multi-cultural education to white neighborhoods we could end racism. great idea!

I would assume you would tell me, since you made the assertion that we do.

pssst… they aren’t demanding that change. leftist political elites who don’t even live there are.

Every time the budget increases we are “adding to it”

What do they get federal dollars for? Should be for enforcement of federal policies. If that is the case, how does that change what police do locally

How much does the SFPD and LAPD get from the feds?

Based on the voices of the communities. They have support, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t listing to community leaders.

Since LBJ we have spent something like 50b on the War on Poverty. How effective has that been? Has our poverty diminished?

So can you provide an actual number that will make a difference? Exactly how much money is needed to uplift a community to reduce crime?

doesn’t matter, they obviously don’t need it. however a significant portion of federal moneys are spent locally for community policing initiatives. obviously the left doesn’t need that anymore.

love to see this backed up.

Would love to see this backed up

withholding federal money because local government annoy you.
how small government of you.

Emotions are high right now, but calming down.

If for any reason, anyone does defund the police it won’t take long before they get their funding back after the idealism wears off and the actual reality of what they’ve done sets in.

I’d also think there are a lot of voices in these communities who don’t want defunding that aren’t being heard right now or are keeping quiet because it is the prudent thing to do at the moment.

your turn

Probably wouldn’t take long after gangs like MS13 start running the streets.

they obviously don’t need it

I heard the Mayor of Minneapolis is already begging for federal money to rebuild.

He should be told that he let them tear and burn it down so he needs to rebuild. With his own tax money.

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I am confused. How does this support your argument?

The COPS grant provides funding for community policing in specific areas. BLM LA also wants more funding to be allocated to community policing and other community lead initiatives

Grants are federal government driven initiatives based on their criteria. How does a local PD moving their money elsewhere affect what the government criteria for grants are?

It is a myth but the progressive liberal Democrats are hell bent on making it a reality. They want division, they want racism, reverse racism, anarchy and sedition, it’s a socialist/communist tactic.

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