Defending the character of the President

trump is President. Thats the fact. He will be for at least another 2.5 years. So its not about Hillary’s character at this point and bringing her up is just your inability to defend your guy so just dont bring her up.

Seems an impossible job defending his character. just like defending him legally a well. But maybe you feel you dont need to defend his character. Maybe character is just a blustery facade and we all are just Evil Genius Wanna Be’s" and we admire trump for his success. His family’s expense for his personal success is huge. I could go into it but that wouldn’t be in good character now would it?

How do you in good faith defend trump? What is the technique? Where is the leverage upon which you lay your foundation for defense of the guy?

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Yeah but, BENGHAZI!!!

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Benghazi is not a sanctuary city.

  1. I voted for policies, not character.
  2. I had no choice - Donald was the only GOP candidate capable of defeating Clinton.
  3. So what - now libs care about character?
  4. God used Noah and David - one was a drunk, the other a murderer.
  5. Donald hasn’t done anything wrong since he was elected. I don’t care about his past.
  6. The establishment had to burn, lib.

None of which really defends the character of Donald, of course, but rather defends a Trumpists’s ability to overlook it. But I doubt you’ll get much else.


If someone says he tends to lie a lot, even when it is meaningless, has historically not shown proper consideration to others…especially family members (or ex family members) and is often rude and crude (probably as a tactic) I will often agree (or not comment and leave them to say as they want).

However, I will defend against unsubstantiated accusations, which come up almost daily on this board. If he’s accused of having a prostitute pee on a board, then prove it…don’t tell me …well, it would be like him.

And all of this stuff doesn’t mean he commits treason or tax evasion on massive scales. If you believe that, prove it…and do it in a reasonable amount of time.

And, as I have said before, I voted for issues that affected me, my family, and the country., Those are top priority. Find someone of outstanding moral character who I believe holds the same positions on issues and will be effective in implementing those, and I have no problem voting against Trump in the next primary.

At least 6 of the 17 running on the republican ticket would’ve beat Clinton!

Good Post.Thanks

Don’t have to defend Trump, he WON the election against a Democrat, a Libertarian, a Green Party Canidate in addition to other 3rd parties and write in candidates, he was the best choice for a variety of reasons from grudge votes to “anybody but” votes to his staunch supporters.

Secular and immoral leftist liberal behavior has been shoved down the throats of Americans as normal and acceptable along with lawlessness and corruption being acceptable if your a liberal Democrat so all this faux outrage over Trumps past behavior & alleged false accusations of crime falls on deaf ears as long as he works to MAGA as far as the economy, jobs, trade, taxes and terror, denuking the likes of NK and Iran, border security including drop kicking ILLEGALS out of the country to eventually building a wall, I give a flying fig about his less then moral past behavior as long as he doesn’t bring it to the WH as previous Presidents, mostly Democrats, have done in the past and if there is any legitimate crime then cough it up or SHUT UP and defend why liberals obsess about Trump and not about putting up a decent candidate in 2020!

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I don’t think we agree on what constitutes a “reasonable amount of time.” The idea that this thing has been going on for too long doesn’t make sense when you compare it to other investigations and consider the number of people already charged. It’s a witch hunt that keeps finding real, actual witches.

You commented about leftist being immortal in the same paragraph as you mentioning that you don’t car about Trump being a sexist pig…lmao

You can make this up!


In the primary I voted for someone else.

In the general election I couldn’t get bast the character issues, and I voted 3rd party. I also knew then (and still know today) that a lot of what he promised is impossible. That mistrust made me doubt even the promises that were not impossible to do.

If I could turn back time to that November election day, I WOULD hold my nose, look past the character issues and punch Trump’s chad. He HAS delivered on more than I ever expected, in spite of being an unlikable man in my opinion.

BlackWolf is correct. In the general election “Donald was the only GOP candidate capable of defeating Clinton”. My 3rd party vote meant nothing in the final count. Trump lost my state by 3% (about 70K votes.) If he didn’t carry his character baggage, he probably would have won in a landslide.

But baggage galore is on his train. It will ever go away. That doesn’t mean I have to hate the things I want to see happen, just because it has his fingerprints on it.

No witches. It “found” a possible tax cheat who was already under investigation for cheating on taxes going back to 2006, it found someone who lied and had already been fired by Trump for lying. It found 13 Russian trolls which Mueller knows he will never have to prove up anything about because they will never see the inside of a courthouse.
But no collusion.

I have never tried to defend his character.
I have always thought him an unmitigsted ass.

I supported Trump for president because he is IMHO the lesser of two evils. I saud that then. I say it now.

You can claim some super duper “GOTCHA” by saying “bringing her up is just your inability to defend your guy so just dont bring her up,” if you wish.

I’m just saying the same thing I said all along.

Make a mental list of all the new taxes, spending, programs and judges Hillary would put in place. Donald Trump’s sole contribution to America is a GREAT ONE. He single-handidly prevents all of them.

I think we are dismayed at his character and dont trust him because of it. We see him doing bad things. MAWA

Just say you cant defend him then. He was the lesser of two evils. I can understand your rationale.

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19 witches indicted. 5 have plead guilty. Good job LE.

Then do you really care if he believes in what he is doing or just towing the party line? Where is your trust then?

4 liars and a tax cheat caught. Collusion between campaign and Russia, zero.

And 13 of those 19 are Russians that Muellers team knows they will never have to prove anything up.

Worth every minute and every dime dont you think. Or is golf more important to you? Manafort is a big fish. Busting up the Russian Mob in America is a good thing isnt it. Collusion? Soundbite and not a crime. Dont care. There is work getting done by Mueller and trump can take credit for it. Its too bad he cant see the forest for the trees or just doesn’t care or is too paranoid.

I really don’t think that character is one of the important things in a politician. Policies and doing what you promised are important. I would not defend Trump’s character, but I would say shut up to all those who rebel simply against his character. But yeah, if he only would be good at everything else…