Defending the character of the President

To me, character is vital. I need to know you are not lying. trump is always lying. I want the President to mean what he says. I want him to know what he is talking about. I want him to be able to deal with a situation out of the blue and do it smartly and seamlessly making good choices. I want him to be a leader of men. I dont think trump is capable of any of those things.

I imagine a lot of people would like to punch Donald in the chad. The majority of them are probably on the left though.

The point is Manafort was already under investigation before Mueller came along. All he did was take over someone elses case and have it transferred to himself. It took no special counsel to go after Manafort. All the special counsel adds is the way it sets off the true Trump haters. …Mueller talked to xxx now. We got Trump now.

Trump isn’t towing the party line. He changed the party line, especially on immigration but also on foreign trade agreements. He has maintained more consistency in his overall big picture position than most Presidents. I judge him the opposite of the way you do.

I think you mean the gnad

This is America. We have the right to think, to form opinions and make decisions. We don’t owe anyone, especially you, any explanations for our opinions and decisions.

Deal with it. :smile:

That’s an odd position to take on a political board.

Odd and amusing at best!

It is basic human rights. They especially apply on a political discussion forum.

Article 19.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

it’s all relative and so her character is very relevant. Nice try.

Yes please

trump won. Get over it

Trump won. Get over it.

There is no character to defend.

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The answer is easy and Hillary already told us. “Basket of deplorables”.

Our only hope is in that basket being a little less full in 2020.

I don’t understand what people are looking for here.

Do you want me to hate the guy as much as you apparently do? And then what?

No, I’ll still cheer for initiatives that move in my direction. I don’t care who champions them.

PS: “Tow” the party line? (Note: It’s “toe” the line, BTW.) Trump is at odds with the party line in many cases – in many KEY cases – and some of those are things that have needed opposition for years.

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Who’d you vote for?

Not really. In this context you are “towing” the party line. It must be getting heavier all the time too.

I don’t get that. You are a very principled guy and are very consistent in your beliefs.

Character matters and you know it matters.

Stick to your principles.

I’m not sure what principles you think I am compromising.

I’ll repeat my position:

“But baggage galore is on his train. It will never go away. That doesn’t mean I have to hate the things I want to see happen, just because it has his fingerprints on it.”

Do you think I consider Hillary Clinton’s character any better than Trump’s? Since the character factor between the two is a wash, and there isn’t a chance at all that anything I want to see happen politically would be coming from her, I’d choose Trump over Hillary the next time with a clear conscience.