Defeated Republican Jason Lewis - "John McCain is the reason we lost the House"

Ignore the tax cut that funneled even more money to the ultra rich at the top while giving next to nothing to average workers and the calls from Republican leadership to go after Social Security and Medicare to make up the difference.

Ignore the dereliction of duty when it comes to any meaningful oversight of the Trump administration and it’s rampant corruption/criminal activity.

Ignore the President who has gone out of his way to divide America along racial, gender, and political lines.

No, the reason why Republicans got shellacked last Tuesday was…John McCain. So says Jason Lewis, the Minnesota Representative who lost by more than 5%. You know, the guy who used to be a talk radio host and opined about how he missed the days when he could call women derogatory names without experiencing any blow back for it.

The basic reasoning is that John McCain’s healthcare vote doomed the party’s chances. Sure, that’s what it was. Not the gleeful photo the Republicans took with the President as they cheered their push to strip health insurance from millions of people.

A final insult from the Republicans towards John McCain…on Veteran’s Day weekend no less. Apparently it wasn’t enough for the party to go all in behind a man who belittled his service and years spent as a POW. No. He now serves, months after his death to brain cancer, as a scapegoat for their loss in the election.

Hurrah for the party of personal responsibility!

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Personally I hope that they don’t learn.

I don’t believe they are capable of learning. The mental damage has been done over too many years now, resulting in what they are today.

Agree. They won’t learn because for some reason they believe the American people are on their side - when every fact and all the data points to the opposite.

Maybe one day we can get back to arguing policy instead of reality.


He really just “blame the dead guy” wow

The republican party desperately needs to go the way of the Whig Party - yesterday…

At this point, it’s doing nothing but trolling the US

That is a good comparison. I think that the American/Know Nothing party is a little more appropriate.

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A big part of Republican media and politics is finding someone/something else to blame other than themselves or their policies. At some level it becomes debilitating when they simply can’t process real world events and are so far up their own butts with spinning everything that they don’t even realize that’s what they are doing.

A man can dream. But I fear it will be a looooooong time before this stain is washed from our collective memories.

Yeah… because you are an honest person of high character and I feel that we could talk about our disagreements in good faith and leave the conversation trying to understand each others positions a little better.

That is interesting.

Not needlessly talking about Acosta Karate chops.

That is dumb.

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A mutual feeling my friend. And I couldn’t agree more. They’ve gone well beyond jumping the shark at this point.

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Lol. John McCain is still screwing Donald trump and the republicans from the grave.


WSJ article is behind a paywall, but enough was visible to get the gist of things.

Lewis is a sore ■■■■■■■ loser, all the more so because the real reason the GOP lost the House (and Lewis his cushy seat there) is because they sold their values and principles out cheap to climb into bed with the worst human being ever to occupy the White House.

Donald can’t even stand under an umbrella and lay a wreath to honor our war dead on Veteran’s Day weekend because it’s raining. This is what all your rhetoric about honoring the military amounted to, Republicans!

Yeah, that was strange. When I attempted to visit the site via a search I got the paywall, but clicking a link from Twitter let me see the entire thing.

Well said. Deserves repeating. :clap:

Yup. They’ve carved out a world so devoid of reality, that they’re incapable of introspection. There’s always a conspiracy. Always an excuse. Always some one else’s fault.

Exactly. The victimization complex is too entrenched in them at this point. And when you couple that with the incessant need for confirmation bias, this is the end result. It’s pretty disgusting to witness.


I can’t believe Jason Lewis ever won in Minnesota. He’s a truly despicable character.

Democrats like John McCain more than Republicans do!