Deeds done in darkness or light of day, Lib hypocrisy on full display

Here’s some things I don’t get. If masks are so vital to keep COVID from spreading, why do so many Lib leaders, the very ones most militant about mask and vaccine mandates, go around with impunity not wearing them? More importantly, why do the sheep who blindly claim to believe in, and follow these mandates not get outraged when their leaders thumb their noses at their sheep by not following the very mandates they enacted?

This is not an isolated thing or done by minor Lib functionaries in unimportant places and positions. We have on video Gavin Newsom, Lori Lighfoot, Nancy Pelosi, London Breed, AOC and now even TJ and his wife blatantly not wearing masks and sometimes doing so while everyone else around them is!!

So, is Covid contagious or not? Is it dangerous or not? Should we be concerned about it or not? C’mon man or sheep, step up to the challenge here and explain…

I have another question but I’d like to see if anyone will bother to address this one first.


My opinion is that this is all a ruse to give the appearance that politicians are able to help more than they actually can.

They know it and get complacent.

Just my 0.02.

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To quote janet jackson…“CONTROL!!!”


Everyone who needed the vaccine already got it. The rest is just collective hysteria, which is way more contagious than the Fluhan Wu.


Yes, yes, and … yes.


No you do get all of it.

The real question is why do you pretend to ask questions about things where you’ve already made up your mind?


I think masks probably help reduce the spread of COVID in certain situations. I also feel angry when the people telling us to wear masks, like Biden and Gavin Newsom, don’t practice what they preach. That kind of blatant hypocrisy makes me mad, but it doesn’t change my opinion about the effectiveness of masks.


We all have our minds made up about things don’t we? Except in this case it’s Libs who can’t make up their minds.

Your exalted leaders come right out and declare that anti vaxxers and the anti mask people are the problem. It is THEY who are perpetuating this pandemic. It is THEY who refuse to follow the science. But that’s not true at all is it? You’re own masters blatantly ignore their own mandates right in front of their sheep and the sheep do what the masters know their sheep will do…

BAAAAAAAA! (It’s those anti maskers!)

So far only one has admitted it bothers them.

Why should I wear a mask to supposedly protect you when your own leaders happily ■■■■ all over you?

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All you nonconformists are all alike.


I might add that those “exalted” leaders have no problem with hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated pouring across the border and scattering to mostly red states and no doubt spreading the covid.

They are playing politics with the covid and getting people used to being controlled imo.


Yup. That was the next thing I was going to bring up but I wanted to give a fair chance for Libs to speak up and defend their chosen ones. So far they’re fairly quiet! :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:


I am going BWA HA HA and twirling my mustache…

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I suspect the current time in the USA is one reason why there is a limited number of posts at this point in time.

Well feel free to chime in from the land down under. Your Libs are the same as our Libs…

The Liberal Party of Australia is a right of centre party.

Recently, a current premier and a former Australian PM were fined for not wearing a mask as required by public health orders.

It is the height of hypocrisy. Better to follow the established rules.


They run away from the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated Brandon is letting in and continue on with the Karen style support of even the most draconian mandates.

They just pretend the border isn’t happening. Must be the narrative instructions.

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Yeah, and still no one coming to defend their exalted ones. It’s almost as if they KNOW what dirt bags they are but just can’t help themselves being drawn to them like moths to a flame. Or perhaps it’s some kind of Stockholm syndrome type thing where their captive minds sympathize with their captors. Either way, their excuses and double talk are bound to be as entertaining as a Jen Psaki press briefing.


Question two: If Covid is so dangerous and deadly and mask and vaccine mandates felt necessary to protect people, why is Biden letting in tens of thousands of people across our southern border without masks or vaccines? Not only does an estimated 15% of them have Covid, but they are bringing in disease like measles that we haven’t had in America in Decades. To make matters worse, TJ is loading them up in buses and planes (in the middle of the night) and having them dropped off in cities all over America! (not in any Elitist Lib politicians neighborhoods though)

Why are you Libs silent on this?? Is Covid dangerous? Is it contagious? Are people actually dying because of the selfish maskless and unvaccinated people wandering around? Why are Americans losing their jobs and being harassed and even arrested for not wearing masks but TJ is shipping them all over?

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Up to 13/10/2021, in 2021 there were 42 measles cases reported in the USA.