Declaring National Emergency? Imagine the possibilities!

With President Trump on the brink of declaring a national emergency at the US southern border in order to fulfill his campaign promise to build a wall, I’m hearing and reading more and more people pointing out that if Trump can do it, especially with a made-up crisis as his justification, then a Democrat can do it too while President!

Imagine the possibilities:

Over 30,000 Americans die every year as the result of firearms. Definitely a national emergency! Perhaps a Dem President should indefinitely suspend the 2nd amendment in the interest of national safety.

Countless Americans do not have adequate healthcare. Now there’s a national emergency if ever I heard one! A Dem President should immediately enact national healthcare!

97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and we better make changes fast to alleviate this worldwide crisis. At the very least, a Dem President should institute mandatory environmental regulations on the public and especially industry!

Like I said, imagine all the possibilities!


Congress has given away too much power to the Executive.

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Great answer, everyone loves the power of the executive when their side is in power, but as soon as the other side gets it and starts wielding the same powers they gasp.

He definitely can declare a state of emergency, and personally I agree with you the executive has been granted way too much power. You would think people would have thought about this a lot earlier a good case was how President put the Syria war to vote in congress (Which was Correct) but then turned around and started bombing them anyway even after Congress voted no.

The executive has too much power.

The last Congress was scared of the loud mouth. This Congress is not. The dynamic has totally changed.

Mueller and the state Attorney General’s will have the last laugh.

Many people are going to prison.

Trump can declare a national emergency, build the wall, add additional border protection and…open the government all at the same time.

Gee…I wonder…the possibilities…:clap:

Why is this an emergency now as to say a month ago when he had control of all of the Government?


OP brings up a valid point. Will you still be clapping if a dem president enacts universal health care because it’s a national disaster issue?

I’ll sit back and wait to watch the flip flopping.

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…and that’s why “we” have checks and balances. Let the next POTUS do that, get sued and let the SCOTUS decide if the Executive Branch has that authority?

You don’t think the house will sue Trump if he declares a national emergency?

Unless something is politically profitable, establishment politicians will not take on controversial issues. Trump will and has now made it where some Rs believe it is more politically profitable to push this issue than the pain they’ll receive from their constituents if they rebel against it.

Yep…with crazy Nancy…not only yep but…HELL YEP. I also believe the SCOTUS will knock her down. The POTUS has the authority and that’s already been established.

This is precisely why I voted for a democrat for the first time in my life in the House race. The executive has already grabbed too much power and needs to be held accountable. I now firmly believe that neither party can be trusted to have control of the White House, the Senate, and the House simultaneously. The opposition party needs to hold at least one of the threee.


So this is a political emergency… not an actual one.

Got it.


Is today J11?

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He has the authority to appropriate funds?

Unitary executive.

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It’s not. He simply couldn’t convince his own team and now he’s using the tried and true tactic that Republican media uses.

Shocking, I know.

If that’s your interpretation of what I just said, you run with it but IMO it’s an example of baaaa, baaaad discernment.

…or apply funds that have already been appropriated.

…IOW…a phone and a pen?