Declaring National Emergency? Imagine the possibilities!


It really isn’t interpretation… it is reality.

The President had control of all of government for two years. he had at one point in his lap a deal that would have funded the wall that he wants. He failed to fulfill his promise for two years.

Now that the political math has changed, he has taken on his shoulders not funding large swaths of the government to keep his base happy.

This is a manufactured crises. The funny thing is that if he uses his executive powers to solve a crises that he created, some who consider themselves “small government conservatives” will applaud his broad overreach of Executive power.

It is really weird.


It’s funny that you think that’s where it started.


A lot of Republicans are really not thinking this through. They are definitely only worried about today.


Spot on.

Republican Media will rejoice as well.


That’s weird, the republican house sued Obama in 2014 for applying funds that had been appropriated and Obama lost the case… What is the difference in this case?


It’s just diffe®ent! Okay?


Because now it’s a national emergency, duh!



Remember when Republicans thought that Executive Orders were the devil’s work? When they thought that the President had too much power? That a President acting without consent of the Congress was an unforgivable concept and that it amounted to dictatorship?

Yeah. Me too. Those were good times. Too bad they’re gone.


Because of the cult leader said its different


Welcome to the cult of Trump


Was the previous president hurting the people that Trump voters want to see hurt?


To the left it’s now a “manufactured crisis”, up until 2014 they spoke a whole different language about the perils of illegal immigration, it became a manufactured crisis after Obama waved his wand and created and EO allowing DACA people to stay bypassing congress.


Well, see, in this case, the Executive has the Right letter beside his name.


So is that your new idea for the legislative process? Stomp one’s feet like a shrieking, petulant toddler, pull the trigger on a natural disaster-non disaster, get sued, and hopefully win?

Ladies and gentlemen: Trump’s new governmental process!!!


Please please please declare a national emergency and force Congress to vote whether or not to shut it down. No way to hold the vote up either.


Yep. The majority of the people who said they were against that are full of ■■■■■


I was thinking same.


Still conflating the border wall with border security… the democrats of the past supported more funding for border security… which included many things… but not a big beautiful concrete (or steel slat) wall.

Dems don’t want a wall… most Republicans don’t want a wall. Trump wants a wall and is willing to have people default on their personal financial obligations to get it.

Where are the pesos?!


The “national emergency” will be tied up in court well past when Trump leaves office…


What seems to be lost amid all this is that Trump promised us that Mexico would be paying for the wall. Thus, the only action that should be needed from Congress is appropriating the money for disbursal once Mexico sends the check. Trump is trying to have a conversation that we shouldn’t even be having if he is to keep his campaign promise.

This is a collections issue - not a national emergency. He needs to call Mexico and ask them where the check is.