Debate predictions

Biden will gaffe himself into losing 8 or 10 points.
Sanders won’t help himself
One of the nobodies will make a good showing and surge in the polls.
Booker and Beto will try major histrionics to try to gain traction for their sagging campaigns. It won’t work.

Debates with 20 candidates, 7 months away from the Iowa caucus will be yawner.



This whole democratic field is pretty lame

More people will be following Donald Trump’s live streaming his reactions to the debates than will actually watch the debates, assuming he follows through with his promise.

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Early debates have effects. Rick Perry went from front runner to zilch with his debate brainlock in 2011.

Fred Thompson was the front runner (2008) until he actually announced and appeared in a debate.

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Yeah it’s way too early, I won’t be watching.

So unnecessary to have the whole election cycle begin practically 18 months prior to the election day.

Isn’t it true that in Canada the entire thing takes about 8-10 weeks and then they move on to hockey and curling ?

I wasn’t going to watch, but it’s going to be too entertaining not to watch and get Donald’s reactions. Thank you Lord President Donald Trump for making the Democratic Primaries Great Again!

Yeah so was the R’s in 2016 and look what they ended up with.

Hopefully the dems do a better job.



As a perspective the most recent Australian Federal election was about 6 weeks from the time the election was called to the election day.

Eh, that’s a bit shorter than I’d like actually. Something about the length of a football season would be pretty good.

Too early to make that claim.

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The 2016 Republican field had some good reputable candidates in it- Bush, Christie, Rubio, Kasich and Walker.
A hell of a lot better than the 80 year olds and leftist loons the Democrats are offering up.

Establishment RINO, establishment RINO, estabishment RINO, establishment RINO and establishment RINO.

At least three of them pretty much openly endorsed open borders and amnesty.


I predict that Donald will make a big announcement because he can’t stand being out of the headlines.

There’s no bigger loon than Donald Trump.

There has never been a bigger collection of loons than this year’s Democrats.

Bridge gate Christie. A fine candidate. Lol

Left his chief of staff go to jail.


It’s like 2016 never happened :joy:

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A lot of them are senators you don’t agree with, they are not loony tunes like the liar trump.


2016’s goper circus was a clown car gone wild. They gave us plenty of laughs. And the biggest clown ended up winning as president.