Deaths from despair in older white males in the United states

People didn’t read the mueller report.

Expecting them to read a boston federal reserve white paper may be a bit too much.



I, personally, think that it is expectations vs reality. White people, in a general sense, start out with high expectation from their life and fall into despair when things don’t work out the way they thought. The deaths from despair are suicides.

Dave Chappelle’s recent stand-up had a funny joke that got me thinking about it.

It is pretty dry reading and not for the layman.


This has been going on for awhile, a lot of them live in areas that has been bleeding jobs overseas for decades. There is no movement for older white males, they are the privileged class.

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Hey if you smell smoke or your arm is hurting plz call 911

Maybe more likely inference is that that racial group is discriminated against heavily and losing their rights each day like this gentleman is suggesting:

“I’m not prejudiced, but by golly, a white male in this country has very few rights and they’re getting took more every day,” Hurst said. "You’ll hear em stand on the stage and say ‘Oh, I’m for the poor and the black.’ You never heard one of them say ‘I believe white people have rights too.’ "

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In general, Hispanics tend to have an established social network that whites often don’t.

In short - family.


There are lower rates of smoking, drinking and other vices among them.

Read the article “Despair” they are depressed which is linked hand to hand with drug/alcohol use and lower lifespans. They are the forgotten and to poor and uneducated to make it in a city. They were the blue collar worker at one time the backbone of the Democratic Party base.

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I’m 68, worked for over 50 years, paid into the socials, retired 2years ago, on Medicare & SS and a modest check every month from a 401k roll over. I took a little job driving a school bus to keep busy. As long as people leave me alone, I can still go out and kill deer and I can take my sweetie out for a ride on the Harley, life is great!
If the average age for an (Italian) white American male is 76, in 8 years I’ll be playing with house money fer crissakes!
Wot, me worry?

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When are white men ever going to catch a break in this country?

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You can do better than that Jezcoe.


As a white male… been one all my life… the ■■■■■■■ whining of guys thinking that people achieving a scintilla or the historic privilege that white men have had and continue to have in this country is infuriating.

Buck up buttercup… life is hard… is the only real response to such clap trap.


The most targeted and persecuted segment of society in all of history

Why are they being classified as IN DESPAIR because the mortality rates are slightly worse off?

Not spending enough on the medical industrial complex.

This report was for an ECONOMIC summit.


Despair and lower levels of well-being have played a key role in fueling the deaths of more than 1 million Americans from suicide, or health complications from drug or alcohol abuse from 2006 to 2015, Brookings found in its report, “Understanding the role of despair in America’s opioid crisis.”

They’re classified as “in despair” because they’re killing themselves.

Yeah, all we see in the referenced articles is that the death rate for white males at a certain age hasn’t changed much over recent years. Perhaps deep in all this research they break out “despair” deaths from non despair deaths and show what affect this had on deaths at a certain age.
I don’t plan on reading it. I am an older white male and quite satisfied…so enhh.
Interesting that they throw in something about areas where smoking or drinking…something or other…TRUMP.
Sounds like it may be an attempt to lead where they want to go…voting for Trump kills you.

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If I had my guess it is that worker mobility is for ■■■■ in this country.

Of course you dont