Deaths from despair in older white males in the United states

“Significant sectors of our society are dying prematurely from preventable deaths (deaths of despair) and almost 20% of prime aged males are out of the labor force,” according to a recent Brookings report, “Geography of Desperation in America.”

The question is why.

Why are older white males non college educated dying and not participating in America at an alarming rate.

What is the difference in life experience between whites and Hispanics that have white males dying way too early.



I am a white male, and i have had some college, a hair’s breadth away from an associates degree, so I am “non-college”, technically, and I can certainly relate to the “not participating” in America. That is because of my disabilities, which by themselves are depressing enough, as well as greatly impacting my financial situation since I got bumped out of the labor force some time back. I am not dead yet so I don’t know if I will make the mark on that one, dying early?

Interesting that its all happening in southern red states with the opposite in the most liberal. And that other ‘socialist’ nations are seeing mortality rates drop


Glad I am an old white Liberal living in the North West part of the country.

Legal Rx and illegal narcotics and alcohol are likely the most significant factor IMO.


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But why only whites and not Hispanics.

That is the million dollar question.

Don’t Hispanics take opioids and drink?


Getting past the racial overtures would do wonders for dialogue.


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Decades of anger will do wonders on your cardiovascular health

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Its the data…

That is the design.

The inference is a racial group is angry and rejects the miracles of modern medicine and I point out that modern medicine is likely part of the problem.

Nothing of any merit I see in the data.

Life expectancy in Mexico for a male is 74.

Life expectancy in USA for a male is 76.

Not really much of a difference.


:man_facepalming: in mexico

It’s a study of mortality rates over time. One is increasing, the other is decreasing. And it us geographically segregated.

Deeep state lib research centers

I am saying it is an exercise in futility.

They don’t even try and present the data because it is subjective drivel about optimistic and pessimistic outlooks.

These trends have already received significant scholarly attention. Yet we provide a different perspective by tracking the reported well-being and ill-being of individuals and places. We find large differences in these trends across education levels, races, and places. Desperation – and the associated trends in premature mortality – are concentrated among the less than college educated and are much higher among poor whites than poor minorities, who remain optimistic about their futures. The trends are also geographically dispersed, with racially and economically diverse urban and coastal places much more optimistic and with much lower incidences of premature mortality (on average). Both death and desperation are higher in the heartland and in particular in areas that were previously hubs for the manufacturing and mining jobs which have long since disappeared.

Subjective conjecture with little basis for correlation.

About as scientific as the climate change hysteria.


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The racial aspect is the part that is so intriguing to me.

It’s whites who are dying off at an alarming rate.

That is one of the things the president should make that as a number one problem to fix.

Instead of worrying about his ■■■■■■■ wall.

Americans are dying before their time.


How bout the specific demographic that I mentioned.

Non college educated white males who are participating in the American dream.


What about it is subjective conjecture

As usual people have their head in the sand instead of focusing on the problem.

Facts be damned,



The difference is statistically null.

Just compare the overall mortality rates for Mexico and the US.

You find a better argument for socialized medicine there…Everyone dies and at about the same time.

Have a bandaid and an aspirin and stop back tomorrow.

The smarmy assertion of labeling as optimistic or in DESPAIR was a real turn off.

The original paper was presented at an ECONOMIC conference.


Why do you keep bringing up Mexico lol

All of it. There was literally no data present.


Its a 27 page report for download Brief&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=78166038