Dear God........Abortion.......Peter

Some people still live in a demon-haunted world.

Not a fan of reading the bible I take it.

Everyone has their own inner demons. What are yours?
I believe you can tell a lot about a person from their eyes.

Thinking about Eve and the pain of childbirth, I wish God would make up his mind whether children are punished for the sins of their parents.

Ok. But I was referring to the practice of people believing in supernatural forces and entities.

It was in response to Lucy’s question, about childbirth and pain. I was just showing where that belief came from.

I’m not attacking. Just making an observation. How do you feel about Matthew 6?

Literally lol.

I already responded to you about Mathew 6. So Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Do believe that abortion should be legal? What about thee morality party of abortion? Do you think that abortions or morally ok? no matter what you believe, are they ok?

Personally, I wish that parents would act responsible towards their children, and do what is morally and ethically right by them. Just like thee illegal immigrant fathers could take their wives and their children and go back to Mexico, but no. they would rather be a really bad father. Besides. This way, thee liberals can complain about the mistreatment of the whole thing. Probably 3 whole meals a day. A safe bed, and a bed to sleep on in general. It’s sooo horrible! I mean, in those centers in America, they get treated a lot freaking better than what they do in Mexico! lol. But it’s probably just better that thee American taxpayer just take care of them?

God really goes to town on his curses for Adam and Eve.

He warned them that they would "surely die’ if they ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

First off, of course, seems kind of weird that he wouldn’t want them to know what “good” and “evil” were in the first place. How many “evil” things could they have done all without knowing - I dont’ think they were given any commandments from God except 'be fruitful and multiply," right? Which means they could have had lots of babies and cooked half of 'em and not known there was anything wrong in that.

Second - he doesn’t kill them, he just curses millions of innocent people because of a single mistake by his two creations.

(Meri has tried to point out that it’s supposed to be an allegory - teaching people that if they do something like smoke crack when they’re pregnant their kids will suffer for it - but I think it’s just God being psycho.

Ah, that was a response to it. Wasn’t too sure. So you don’t believe in that part? About practicing righteousness in front of others and that prayer should be private.

Nope. I’m an atheist now. Although I wasn’t much a believer before than.

Yes. You want to go back to the days of underground abortions? When women seeking an abortion would drink various dangerous chemicals, throw themselves downstairs and use coat hangers?

Personally, if I were given thee chance to live in paradise and perfection so to speak……………………….I’d take it. For me constantly worrying about the world, and the flaws within it, and trying to help others, because that is what makes me happy in life. I’ve saught perfection, and I have found it in life, in bits and pieces of certain things. Especially when I’ve seen first hand a lot of horrible and evil things that thee world can do to people. Constantly trying to help others, only to get taken advantage of, because of my naivety. And yet I will still continue to try to help others, because I know it is part of whom I will always be.

I have a feeling that the Jewish understanding of that scripture makes a lot more sense than the Christian corruption of it.

For not believing in God I do give you brownie points on knowing so much about thee Bible.
Why did you stop believe? What about thee morality of abortions?

And here is what I said before about Mathew 6. I never said anything about prayer should be private.
If you actually read what I said, then you would know this.
“You talk about sin, and yet you attack me for praying? What would you call what you’re doing?
Is that not being hypocritical? I do not seek power, and I would never wish to be famous. I simply wish for my voice to be heard like yours is right now. I believe a person should be able to pray wherever he or she wishes, as long as they have good intentions behind it overall. People can chose to look at it or not. Just like people can chose to attack or try and degrade me for it, just like you’re or not. That is your right, and I respect that.”
I’d rather not have to break it down for you even further. You’ve already obviously not read what I said before, or mis read it or misunderstood it. Either way, you’re really starting to bore me. Where as before I thought that you were actually very intellectually a good debater and fun to chat with. My respect for your intellect is declining.

You’ll find a lot of atheists know a bit about the Bible. The more one learns about the worlds religions, the more one tends to believe in them less. At least for some of us.

I don’t really like getting into discussions on the morality of abortions. Too complicated of a philosophical question.

I didn’t say you think prayer should be private. I’m saying Jesus says prayer should be private. Posting your prayer for all to see, which to me, reads like you are broadcasting your righteousness for all to see, kinda seems like it goes against Jesus’s teachings.

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then why even talk about abortion at all? I feel strongly that it is immoral. Why can’t you talk about if it is immoral or not to you? lol. I mean really? Is it thee equivalency of Hillary and Obama not wanting to say Radical Islamic Terrorism, and yet Trump finally got them to say it! lol.

A person can still believe in any religion or spiritual belief, and yet not believe every single aspect of what that believe teaches or preaches. You do understand that correct?

It’s really easy to judge when you don’t know their circumstances. I’m not sure trying to take your family to America makes one s really bad father.

I can completely understand why they want to come here, but if I was a father, I would have the manhood, morals, and logic, and common sense to do thee right thing especially by my children, so I could keep my family together, and go back across thee border. Besides, they can always try and cross it again tomorrow, or thee next day or the next day after that?
I mean personally if it were me, I’d say I’m a real man, and I’m ganna do what’s right for my kids and wife. But that’s just me. Liberals can make excuses for them all they want, and the parents can make excuses also all they want, but at thee end of thee day, they gatta know they’re pathetic parents.

And what if you deem the right thing for your kids is to try and cross the border because the area you live in is replete with gang violence and there is little to no future for them there?

See, you judge from a place of ignorance, even calling their manhood in question. You’ve come a long way from your OP where you said it wasn’t for you to judge. No, it seems you really enjoy judging.

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