Dealing with depression, mental illness, and the sadder aspects of life


Well I really goofed up the above post.


I say jump for joy for the physiology test, although, truth be told, I’ve known relatively few people who truly liked physics, yet were stuck taking the class. Don’t go too hard on yourself for that result, especially if you have an average grade in the class.


Sorry to hear about your dad. Do you guys live close?

That’s one thing I regret about moving up here, I really miss the lunches with my dad when our workplaces were right next door. And movies with him.

I’ve enough family toxicity for half a dozen people with various members in Florida, so I don’t go very often, and sort of regret it 'cause my dad is in his 80s.


No worries, Bachelor’s-level education is the same meaningless memorizations for tests that high school was. Your career path of choice will refine your rough edges after graduation.


We do now. He’s been a truck driver ever since he retired from the Air Force 23 years ago, but now that he’s not safe to drive, he lives with my sister about 50 miles from my place.

He won’t be the first person I’ve ever dealt with who has Alzheimer’s, but certainly the first family member. I’m in that limbo of feeling like I’m walking on egg shells. I hope to make his final years full of better memories than the mediocre ones we currently have. Pretty lost over all.


Welp, I just found out that my overall grade in Physics is a B. I don’t know how the heck I did that…


Lol, well done FlameHeart. The only thing better than a good grade is a surprise good grade.


Hurray! Happy Dance!


OK More frustation than sadness but here goes:

I’m tired of family and friends whining they liked what I had or did YEARS AGO better than what I have now.

In looking at some photos of my daughter as a baby, oh, Iliked your hair better back then. Well, I didn’t and wanted something else. It isn’t as if I have a multicolored, overprocesses messe right now, just a different cut.

I liked a smaller style glasses better. Well I no longer have a single vision prescription so that frame will no longer work.

I liked your place in Winthrop better. Don’t like this town, Winthrop was better.

Fine. You pay my higher rent and commuter costs as my workplace is an hour away from there (job relocated). ■■■■ that ■■■■. There’s truth to the adage that one is better alone than in bad company.

I understand constructive criticism, like hey, your house could use a pressure wash, or have you considered (insert picture of updated hairstyle here), but this isn’t constructive.:exploding_head:


I’m sorry people are getting to you. Hugs.


I just found out that my psychiatrist got his license to practice revoked last week apparently because he was over-prescribing, being too lenient in prescribing, not establishing a physician-patient relationship, and mishandling of medical records. It’ll be a year before he can appeal the decision (he’s planning on bringing it up to the Oklahoma Supreme Court). I’ll be without a doctor for the whole summer…and this summer is critical, since I’m having my surgery in two weeks.


Oh, FlameHeart, I’m so sorry. They say when it rains, it pours. Sure seems like it.

Maybe you could mention it to your surgeon prior to the surgery, perhaps the hospital could help you by hooking you up with help. Treating the whole patient, as they like to say.


Good lord kid, that’s awful. Is there another doctor out there that can take his patients?


Remember gymnast Shannon Miller?

Her first husband was an opthalmologist with some questionable behavior.

He abruptly closed his practice, and members of his office staff were doing their best to find these patients another doctor.

Might someone from his office be able to connect you with someone?

That happened to my dad, too, but not because his practitioner was engaged in any misconduct, but very sick, and he had his office staff tell Dr. M’s patients to go to a particular orthopedic clinic, which is the premier in that part of Florida.


Your primary doctor should be able to prescribe the meds you need while you are finding a new psychiatrist
or waiting to get in to see a new one…
if your primary doctor knows your history im assuming he does the chances are very high he will do it


Please don’t wait for this guy to get his license back.

Find another psychiatrist. And talk to your GP about any medication your psychiatrist was prescribing.

If you don’t mind sharing, what is your surgery?

vibes and stay strong…


I took a long walk that day, and realize the people who nitpick others to death and complain about what they have are the least happy with their own lives.

But thank you.


“Why am I depressed when my life is so awesome?”

Can anyone educate me on this?


Because depression, actual, clinical depression has nothing to do with the exterior circumstances of life. A person can have everything in life, and still be fundamentally broken inside. Depression isn’t as simple as feeling sad about something. Depression is an illness. It’s a person’s brain being miswired right from birth.

I’ve hated myself for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never really had a reason why. I have good friends and a phenomenal family who love and support me. My daughter thinks the world of me, even my ex-wife is one of my best friends. These people are in my corner no matter what, but I’m still hollow inside. I can’t even bring myself to look into my own eyes when I’m in front of a mirror.

It always confuses me that people are so quick to say that money can’t buy happiness, then turned around and act surprised when someone with money has depression. Depression isn’t about what happens on the outside, it’s about what happens on the inside.


Relatively recently, I’ve come to realize that at 35 years old, I’m just as ignorant about depression as I am deeply afflicted by it, and that’s one symptom that hasn’t changed. I have absolutely no idea what to do about it other than to be thankful that I live in the middle of nowhere so people don’t generally have to be around me.