Dealing with depression, mental illness, and the sadder aspects of life


Thanks Nik. I just don’t want to come off as “attention-seeking” or having a pity party. I might repost with better wording. But I can’t seem to find a way to say “Hey, I almost killed myself last week; my depression is getting real. Could use some support” without coming off as attention-seeking. :confused:


Lol, you sound so much like me it’s kind of scary. I almost didn’t even start the original thread in the first place because I didn’t want the attention. Just remember that you are among friends here. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing.


I hate seeing patients like you penalized for this ■■■■■■■■, manufactured “opioid crisis” that people are carrying on about. When did drug addicts become such a priority?

It’s not like they’re brand new. Hell, injured soldiers in the Civil War were getting hooked on morphine.

I’m sorry you’re in the level of pain you have. I can relate.

Until about December, I was stuck at times with the most debilitating migraines. A neurologist referral didn’t go very well, nor did the preventives or blood vessel constrictors she prescribed.

After two E R visits for dehydration caused by vomiting, where you get the treatments by I V line, I got another neuro. The new preventive works great!

The catch? Once it stops kicking you in the gut, it’s associated with an increase in appetite and weight gain. I even find cooking kind of fun now, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I understand your frustration. The second E R trip, I was about ready to be substituted for another condemned inmate someplace like Texas. It’s pretty much like the lethal injection, the E R treatment, only difference being after I sleep off the pain, unlike the inmate, I’m released from that guerney hung over, but alive.


:slight_smile: happy to hear.
On a more medical/scientific tone, it is really interesting (and still poorly understood) how words and emotions can have a significant impact on our well-being.


FlameHeart, asking for help and sharing your pain is never attention-seeking. I know you are super-informed about what kinds of things help depression, but we both know that doesn’t always mean we can help ourselves. I send you hugs and I pray you can find peace. Take good care of yourself and you can share with us anytime.


everyone needs some attention once in a while…I know i need it, lol.


Hugs and well wishes going your way.:hugs:

I had horrible migraine headaches from about age 17 to about age 25. Horrible painful ones. Doctors had no solutions at the time, at least none they prescribed.

I still remember one most horiffic day, the only time in my life I ever came close to considering suicide.

That was mother’s day 1975. There was a party for my mother, but I spent the day in a dark room with all the shades drawn tight. The pain was so bad, any sound sent me up the wall. All I could do was lie as absolutely still as I was able to with eyes closed. I stayed like that for hours on end, just quietly crying from the pain.

On about age 25 the migraines stopped. I later had a doctor tell me that the migraines were likely hormone related and that as I got older my male hormones changed and that was why they stopped.


It truly is a shame that in this day and age people can talk about every operation they have had, every cold, or flu, and some of the most intimate details of conditions of our “naughty bits” but there is still so much negative social stigma in regards our emotional health issues.

Either we are afraid to broach the topic with friends or family because we feel they might think about us differently, negatively. Or if we do bring it up they will wall it off in essence in a defensive way because the topic is taboo.

It is just a thing folks. If a friend or family member or even a colleague mentions they are having mental health problems don:'t worry, there is no such thing as “depression cooties”.

No one will expect a solution, an empathetic ear perhaps, or maybe they are just seeking the catharsis of being able to communicate.

No Flameheart, you don’t come off as “attention seeking”, seeking simple human understanding, or at the very least, if not understanding then acceptance, but certainly not fear or rejection.

Been there.


Don’t be afraid to post how you feel
The ones who think it is just for attention have never really had to deal with depression
or severe pain to where one want to kill themself
if you dont post when you are feeling down there is no way myself or anyone else here that care can help
sometimes you need a kind word or an ear to vent to
myself and quite a few others here im sure would be that ear


So sad. Just when my wife was starting to feel human again and not like the hospital zombie she had been for most of the year, terrible news comes again, a tragic death in her family, a niece, mother of three young children.

So very sad for her but so much more so for her brother, but especially for the children who have lost their mother.

Pretty rough day yesterday.

Prayers for my sweetie and her family. :pray:


So sorry to hear that, Lou. What a terrible thing. I literally have no words. My heart goes out to your family.


Hugs to both of you. Sorry for your loss.:cry:


When people say they are “battling” depression it truly is an understatement.

Thoughts, like “I don’t want to come across as attention seeking” is a good example. Honestly, try not to care about how you think you may come across. The people who care will be there for you. The people who don’t will not and are probably not even interested in this topic.

A lot of people have been where you are/were. They reached out. Someone helped them get through it. By not reaching out, you could be depriving someone of an opportunity to “pay it forward” or give you advise that makes a big difference for you.

I hope things are getting better for you?


I clicked on it. It looks legitimate to me, with many scientific studies from reputable universities etc., as opposed to “FDA Cleared” or some such nonsense. I’ve seen articles at science websites talking about similar techniques in the last few years as well, it is an area of serious study. It stimulates specific parts of the brain causing said parts to simply be more active, nothing more I believe. If you stimulate the part of the brain that produces serotonin, that part of the brain may become more active for example.

Editing to add this; It might be a Wii controller for all I know, but the area of science it purports to use is legitimate:slight_smile:

Here are several articles that talk about the technique;


We all have our little aches and pains. Just a bad joke of course, but take away the diabetes and you could almost be writing about me actually. Spinal cord damage, disc damage, widespread arthritis and a few other things that cause pain. I was taking ibuprofen like candy until it started giving me heart palpitations and I had to go off of it. A few months ago I started taking two capsules a day of turmeric circumen supplements and it has been amazing.

I have arthritis in virtually every joint in my body and it is especially pronounced in my shoulders and neck and this stuff has cut down on inflammation dramatically for me. 3/4 of the pain or more is from inflammation. The joints are still shot to hell, but they no longer ache and throb like someone is drilling into them at the end of the day. I pretty much only hurts when I try to do something a particular joint won’t let me do and I can back off on it without ruining my life for several days afterwards. I think it might also act as a blood thinner to some degree so you would want to do some research to make sure it won’t react with whatever medications you are on or whatever, but it’s basically just a spice, like capsaicin which has similar properties. I don’t need a supplement to get that though, I love my jalepenos and they are loaded with it. :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that my friend
my wife and i are sending prayers to you and yours


Are there any actual solutions to depression, or is it just a never-ending ■■■■ storm of attrition?


Thanks. She was an organ donor and they were able to help 8 other people at her loss.


Some of the newer drugs are fantastic. But for some people nothing works. My brother-in-law suffered a debilitating and intractable depression for the last 15 years of his life, before he OD’ed on prescription meds one night and passed away. Coroner ruled it accidental, buy who knows. He tried everything, including electric shock therapy. It was a terrible life. He went from being the life of every party to a shell of a person.

After he died, my sister made an appointment with his doc to talk about everything, he admitted that sometimes nothing ever works.x


That is great she is an organ donor
I myself never realized just how important it could be
until our daughter needed a kidney transplant