DEA surveilling protestors

I’m pretty happy about it.

I hope they round up every damn looter and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

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Same rights. Not equal if you break the law.

The law is the law.

Justifications are irrelevant.


Freudian slip?

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Can’t really say - we’d have to check with the poster I was quoting on that

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I like it!!! :+1:

As a senior in high school, I was “surveilled” by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation for my participation in a peaceful protest against the war in Vietnam. My photograph was taken and a file started on me. I know this is because my mother, the director of a major health department for the State of Kansas, was alerted to the fact.

So, nothing new here. Not that it is right.

Anyone hear the Project Veritas guy on Sean’s radio program today?

It detailed how difficult it is to infiltrate Antifa and how sophisticated their system is.

That is where US intelligence needs to focus.

They may have a state sponsor.

You know Soros has his ■■■■ pickers in there in one way or another.

Veritas was able to infiltrate.

Said it was incredibly difficult.

I thought this was exactly what the FBI and NSA was supposed to guard against.

The hoplophobes’ favorite org ATF is up to their necks in this as well. I guarantee it.


Protesters have nothing to fear from this surveillance…so long as their properly permitted protest remains within the designated free speech zone and disperses before the mandated curfew hours.

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No…they target anyone that might expose them. Like political opponents etc.

That’s the real danger.

Now Antifa may be legitimate target, but it won’t stop there. They will use Antifa as starting point to justify farther spying/surveillance on other areas. They foot into the door scenario.

Just pointing out, if there was judicial oversight of this program I don’t think I would have a problem with it.

Yeah…how did that oversight worked when they spied on Trump and his campaign?

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The DEA, of all the agencies, was given the power to enforce federal crime laws on this matter? That’s like having the environmental police enforce financial regulations.

It worked so well Trump’s very own stooge can’t even find someone to charge for it.

And this is someone who gassed a priest to make Trump comfy!

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Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not (I’m guessing you are) BUT…

  1. Permitted to protest - Why on earth do we tolerate needing permits to protest if it’s on public property and not blocking traffic? The Constitution doesn’t give the government permission to say when and where we can protest.
  2. Designated free speech zone - This really annoys the hell out of me because I’ve actually seen videos of people being run off because they’re not in a free speech zone. My comment would be "This is America, ALL public property is a free speech zone.
  3. Mandated curfew - Again, why the hell do we tolerate this nonsense? When the hell did government become Dad, telling us when we have to go inside?

have no fear, big brother has been watching you since 1984…


Temporary surveillance during a period of active protests leading to rioting, arson, looting and murders is exactly the same thing as surveillance of the opposition political party during a campaign for the Presidency.