DEA surveilling protestors

The Drug Enforcement Administration has been granted sweeping new authority to “conduct covert surveillance” and collect intelligence on people participating in protests over the police killing of George Floyd, according to a two-page memorandum obtained by BuzzFeed News.

So, all the folks ranting about the government surveilling people communicating with Russian assets…how do you feel about this?

I don’t like it.

But libs can’t complain now can they?


Oh…just for record…you throw a brick through a business window. Then I have no problem of them surveilling you. Peaceful protestors should be masked.

What says you?


I say, this kind of stuff is always tricky.

With no court oversight, the chance for abuse is high. I don’t see any mention of court oversight in this article.

Yes it’s a problem. But I want YOU to understand you have no moral ground here.

Police state need unrest, thieves, murders, terrorist attacks to advance their powers.

Some of you might remember my old saying here. It’s not so much the terrorist attacks that scare me…it’s what comes after that scares me more.

So when they go around smashing business, stealing looting burning down people business you have given them their excuse.

The very thing I’ve tried warning everyone here about 15 years ago here.


and yet the administration you begged for is doing it…


The Justice Department gave the agency the temporary power “to enforce any federal crime committed as a result of the protests over the death of George Floyd.”

That doesn’t look out of line, all they’re doing is using DEA resources to enforce federal laws. By covert surveillance, do they mean blending in with the protests and watching for crimes? I have no issue with that, there is no expectation to privacy in public. On the other hand, do they intend to get a sealed warrant with no evidence and spy on people? That I’m not for.


You’re in no position to condemn him. None.

It was left-wing radicals groups that gave em the excuse.

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Uh huh.


Of course I am! I’m a US citizen - equal to you!

Oh wait…let me capitalize that and say it differently.

I want YOU to understand, I have the same right to condemn HIM as YOU DO.

YOU do not have the moral high GROUND here.


Wow…you found couple of right wingers.


Now where were you while libs Messiah was surveilling his political opponents and his opposition?


I was just thinking that… a few lunatics -vs- a government coordinated effort to overturn an election through illegal means… Not even on the same PLANET.


Yeah right…can you say hypocrite?

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Too funny…libs pretending to care about surveilling now.

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That’s a good point, but the rah-rah second amendment ■■■■ is immune from the same reaction?

What you call a protest everyone Els calls an act of terrorism. Why? Are a victim of the fake news idiots?

No, when have they rioted and looted?

I try not to hold it to specific criteria like that, because the justifications can shift.

Trust me - he never ever has to worry about me trying to condom him.