DC may review Trump hotel's liquor license over challenge to President's character

There is no such fact. You are simply projecting your venomous hatred of the man.

He doesn’t even drink, why should he have a liquor license ?


It wasn’t Clintons many, many flaws that got him impeached it was breaking the law that got him impeached. He was found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice in a court of law not in Congress! Now congress is scraping a bottomless pit to find a crime to pin on Trump, they don’t have one so they are going for “public opinion” illusion of a crime for political gain in 2020. It’s as TDS sick as it gets.

Why? What has he done specifically that they should be pulled for. I want specific incidents that could be used. Please and thank you.

Reality is that Trump handily wins reelection in 2020.

Reality is that CNN is in no position to lecture on reality. Used car salesmen and lawyers have more integrity than CNN.

Sorry but you aren’t the spokes person for the world. Over 63 million and rising of us are pleased with his job performance and most of his policies.

Read the link in the OP.

More people hate him than like him. And it’s not rising. The cancer in the White House needs to be drummed out of office in 2020. And don’t be so sure he won’t be.

That’s your biased opinion. You thought Hillary would win too.

So your response is based on the fact that I supported Hillary? Pretty weak. I’d say you might want to take a look around. Donald is not the much loved creature you think he is. Even among his own party.

I just gave you facts is all. You would do well to get out in the real world instead of accepting everything the MSM says as Gospel.

Go to a Trump rally or two. Twould be a real eye opener.

Full houses plus at every rally compared to the paltry turnouts for dems.

I was asking a specific poster for reason that ALL liquor licenses (not just the DC one) should be revoked. I’ll wait their reply.

What facts? Donald is good? Donald is great? Donald is wonderful? Donald gives me tickle down my leg? That’s the only “fact” we hear from Trumpies.

Obama never had his liquor license challenged and his moral character was 10x worse than Trump’s.

This would be a dangerous precedent to take. Do we want to live in a world where the President of the United States is denied a liquor license?


Lots of difference in 20,000 person rallies and what was it Biden drew the other day? 164? :smile:

All liquor licenses? It would depend on local or state laws. Who knows? Maybe they’re afraid of organized crime. Is Donald connected to American organized crime or international mobsters?

Are they still paying people to attend his rallies like Trump did when he came down the escalator at Trump Tower?

Can’t pertain to trump. He’s involved in disorganized crime.

No need to pay anyone to attend a Trump rally. I stood in line for 6 hours the last time i went to a rally. Thousands didn’t even get in at all.

It’s the same everywhere.

Yes he said every place trump owns should have them pulled.

So I’m asking for specific reasons that they ALL should be pulled.