DC may review Trump hotel's liquor license over challenge to President's character

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in Washington, D.C., is currently considering a challenge to the Trump International Hotel’s liquor license in that city because Trump doesn’t meet the requirements for “good character.” A private group is making the challenge because the licensee must be “of good character and generally fit for the responsibilities of licensure.”

The Trump association challenged the block saying that character shouldn’t be a factor, but the board said character was a fundamental part of the responsibilities of the licensee. The board says that if they determine the group has standing to challenge the application, it will make a ruling.

And really, that’s the only issue here is whether the group has a right to challenge the license. If they do, we’ll see what happens from there. But the fact this is even being held up at all is significant in itself. For most people, this wouldn’t even be considered. But then we’re talking about Donald Trump here.


I guess we’re going to see another tweet now about how unfair everyone is to him now. I want to see him do a Tanya Harding impression.

Significant in proving people have severe TDS

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It’s how you treat a disgusting man. He deserves no better. You don’t cast pearls to swine.


This seems pretty petty to me.


TDS plain and simple (not the thread but the threatened action).

No surprise, it is becoming increasingly clear democrats are more than willing to use the government to punish anyone that defies them.


That was readily apparent in the last administration.


Is it spreading?

Why do you think that is?

every place trump own should have its liquor license pulled.

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TDS exists, ODS, BDS, CDS…all existed as well. It’s the nature of politics.

The issue is, you elected a guy who just has so many flaws…

It’s like when Clinton was impeached. That was CDS - the republican base - whipped into a frenzy by the growing RW talk radio - HATED Clinton. So much so that the GOP embarked on a rather questionable impeachment.

That was CDS. But ultimately, it was Clinton’s fault - he had a personal terrible character flaw, did something horrible, and it was exploited by his political opponents.

Same thing with trump. Of course his opponents don’t like him. Of course they are going to exploit his flaws. It’s just incredible how many he has…


Lol. That clause exists to prevent organized crime figures from buying liquor licenses.

Not spreading.

The desperation by Trumpies to dismiss any news story that doesn’t have their approval is amusing. So you don’t find the story a little bit disturbing?

I call it Trump desperation syndrome in that it’s an effort to avoid reality.

The only reality I see is that LIBs still can’t accept Trump’s 2016 win. They are desperately trying to bring him down in order to make things right. It is a feeding frenzy the likes I’ve never seen in my 40 years of following political events.

So then it does apply to Trump

It won’t make things right.

Trump is the symptom, not the disease. And bringing him down won’t cure it.

But that doesn’t mean we should ignore his problems.

yep - funny, isn’t it?

So you attack his opponents rather than face the fact the world thinks he’s the worst human being ever to hold the office of president.