David Hogg says he will continue to wear a Mask so others Won't Think He's a Conservative

All you need to know about the leftist mind…

David Hogg, fully vaccinated, keeps mask on so liberal strangers don’t think ‘I’m a conservative’ - Washington Times

Now we see just how kooky the leftist thinking is, and how they are more about virtue signaling & control freaking than the are “following the science” or actually looking at reality.


Hogg is an idiot. He doesn’t speak for, or represent, anyone but himself.

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Hogg is yesterdays news. He’s trying to become relevant again. :roll_eyes:


Good for him. A muzzle on him is a benefit to society.


I think he represents a lot of the far left.

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Why? Does he have a lot of followers?

I agree basically but this won’t make him relevant again, he will soon be re-forgotten. The left USES people then dumps them over & over. I just think this was fun to point out.

Don’t know, but Rachel Maddow just said a similar thing as well. The far left group thinks.

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She did? If so, that’s her business.

On a related matter, I noticed those at the White House appear to have dropped wearing masks.

Not really.

Enough followers to get him into Harvard when he wasn’t academically qualified.



A lot of unqualified people get into elite schools, both Left and Right. All it takes is money and connections.

I never heard of “followers” getting someone into a school.

He that rich?

Don’t know, maybe he has connections.

You know why he got in.

I have no idea and frankly don’t care.

Yet here you are…

You have to be joking! You know exactly why…

And here I am.

As I said in my first post in this thread, he’s an idiot.