Dark days ahead for the good ship USA

What an absolute load of Horse feathers.

Blue pill territory.

I believe history will point to COVID as the reason Trump didn’t get a second term. I also believe the same fate would have befallen anyone who was President at the time, regardless of party.

I think that if Trump had taken it seriously and handled it halfway decently he would be President for a second term.

People tend to rally around the President in times of crises.

He was unable to rise to the occasion.

I agree and disagree.

Agree: History will point as COVID and the death of 450,000 American’s on his watch as one of the reasons Trump** lost the election.

Disagree: If Trump** had stepped up and promoted mask wearing and social distancing, treating it as a patriotic duty akin to the sacrifices that were made during World War II and showing some leadership instead of trying to downplay the pandemic as a personal insult against him, he would have saved hundreds of thousands of American lives. (IMHO, the number of deaths could have been reduced by 1/2.)

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Wow! :astonished:

You must be fresh off the reprogramming assembly line.


Disagreed. If Trump had competence and management skill, he would have been reelected almost for sure

The numbers would have been the same.

Biden is president. That’s a start.


Just went to my TikTok account.

All freedoms seem to be accounted for.

This is just an alarmist thread.


I will disagree with you on this.

Trump made his own bed touting cures and his Pollyanna approach to the situation.

Remember he wanted the pews to be full on Easter last year.


Bonus points for reviving the death tally as a political cudgel.

Little correction.

Trump count stopped at roughly 400K. Biden is closing in on 50K.

For perspective that puts Biden at over 10% of the Trump response team in only 2 weeks.

It is more likely than not that Biden will far surpass Trump in this category and that politically his supporters will rue the day they made this a rhetorical weapon.

Enjoy the rest of your day!



What’s alarming, is how naive so many are as to what’s happening right before their sheoplized eyes.


“It is more likely than not” it was going to be gone by last summer.

The trump vaccine will prevent Biden from matching the pace of death.

Are you in denial of the truth, that the hydroxychloroquine cocktail…if it had been immediately used…and applied early in the COVID infection of a patient, potentially thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of lives would have been saved? Now consider the media, the political establishment and all of those who vehemently fought against it’s use…only because Trump touted it? They are complicit and have blood on their hands. Do you hold them accountable or are you in denial?

That is what is SUPPOSED to be the case.

My crystal ball is getting foggy and as Karma can work in surprising ways…I would not be so sure of anything with this virus. What appears to be an election season gift can turn into an office sitting nightmare. Life is funny that way.


There is a GOP left. What used to be methods that were useful to achieve the right’s objectives failed to deliver the desired results in a changing world. So those same methods are now embraced by the left. Own it.

I suspect they get the equivalent of “trickle charging” to keep them topped off with the latest talking points.

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That is an interesting point/counterpoint article. Thank you for that.

One thing that stuck out to me about the point of using HCQ was this “ The reduced risk was even more significant when only those in one study who started HCQ within two days of exposure were included. ”

Which to me means that in order for HCQ to be effective for treatment it would have to be administered within a certain time frame after exposure and therefore would have to have been paired with a robust testing and tracing regimen.

But also… it was only one study that showed this effect and that has to be stacked up against all of the other studies that show little to no effect.

So it seems that even if this one study was right… and it could very well be right… in order to get the most effectiveness out of using HCQ as a treatment, new infections would have to be caught early and in order to catch it early the nation would have had to do massive testing and tracing program that there was no real political will to do. Basically… it would have taken hard work and we don’t do that.


It’s funny. I guess even crystal balls can be partisan. Go trump vaccine!!