Dark days ahead for the good ship USA

Oh noes… a slight increase in marginal tax rates!!! Next thing you know the means of production gets seized comrade.


zat it? :sunglasses:


Those people got elected? Last I saw it was Joe Biden… the Senator from Mastercard… a tall glass of warm yogurt… the centerest of the Third Way/Corporate/Center Left Democrats.

Not some radical.

How about actually criticizing him for real things instead of stories that the government was taken over by “radical leftists” ? … because… well… it is super stupid.


Agree. Yes he did, but he also had a lot of help.
If he took some responsibility and his supporters actually held him accountable instead of just going along, he might be still be president.

Can’t blame no one, but themselves

Oh…you meant this radical leftist.

It’s ez, pz when it’s a target rich environment to choose from. :sunglasses:

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Mostly peaceful though. :wink:

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…and certainly not an “insurrection”, even though that’s the police department on fire.

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Pelosi is not a radical leftist.

She is also center left/Third Way/ corporate Democrat though slightly left of Biden.

It just goes to show that the repeated use of “radical leftists” has sucked all meaning out of the words.

It doesn’t matter what a Democrat would actually advocate… it would be deemed as radical… when it really isn’t.

Hmmmm have to circle back to you on that one. :grin:

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Is this where we pretend that the storming of the Capitol isn’t something completely new?

It’s very clearly pointing out the two tier system of justice in place.


Yeah. I hear our esteemed host say that a lot. What is that? When something that is heard from a form of media is simply repeated? Regurgitation? Regurgibersting? I am sure that it will come to me.

But once again… are we going to pretend that the specific targeting of Congress by a mob on the behalf of the exiting President who for months claimed without any evidence… and I mean none… that the election was being stolen from him and had a wide swath of dubious and false legal theories as to how he could stay in power isn’t something new?

Is this how the dissonance is being alleviated? By comparing it to something that is no where in the same ballpark?

Weird man. Weird.


Just like neolib science. Pick a theory that promotes your power and call the rest fake by govt decree… Ministry of truth.

Please notice how much a face burka is like an arm band. So National socialist…

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You realize you just described Trump’s** treatment of the pandemic that has infected around 27,000,000 and killed around 450,000 Americans and his treatment of the election where the American people voted him out of office to a “T”.

Are you saying that Trump’s** actions are National socialist…?

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What’s weird, is me witnessing so many among us being absolutely, wholeheartedly and completely through and through being sheoplized, regurgibleating what they’ve been fed and not applying their own IQ to analyze and clearly see what’s plainly going on, right in front of their very own sheoplized eyes.

It physically pains me inside what I’m seeing happening to our country.

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No I’m saying the dems actions are like the National socialists. Face burkas are like arm bands. They do nothing but show who’s in charge.

Where’s BIden’s plan on the china flu? Remember he said he had one. He said EO’s were the tools of Tyrants too.

Don’t forget 2000$ on day one. (Suddenly 1400$ and who knows when it’s coming). I’d call Grand pa earpiece a lair but you have to be mentally competent to be blamed for lies.

Of Course we have no clue who was telling the sock puppet to say those thing, and neither does he…lol!


Trump won! Dems cheated. We all know that.

No need to pretend, we can still see the hate that most never trumpers and leftist have.
Biden is doing all you never trumpers wanted. He is enacting the far left agenda.
Let’s list some of the things most never trumpers wanted from biden since they aren’t saying a word as he writes more EO’s than any president in history.
We heard bi partisanship. How he would work across the aisle.
Nope he failed on that one right out of the gate when the conservatives tried to slow down his spending. Jbiden told the conservatives to get in the back of the bus we are in charge and will do what ever we want how ever we want and we don’t need to hear from you. Almost 2 trillion in spending is going to happen in his first month.
Jobs for those unemployed. Nope the pervert failed again. He put more people on the unemployment line and laughingly told them to bad.
Open borders everyone come. Yep that’s the senile man’s plan. And while he takes jobs away from citizens he is going to make sure all those non citizens get paid 15.00 an hour. Plus he is getting even more for his buck by making sure every citizen in the united states pays more of their pay check on things they need to survive. Like heating, gas, food and clothing.
And wars. Yep the old pervert ins sending more troops into harms way. And we hear silence from the leftist and never trumprs.
Freedom of speech your man is remaining silent as his troops move to silence the other side of the aisle. Can’t have those deplorables speaking out against the senile of man.
Toning down the vitrol. Yep the old pervert is ignoring the hate coming from his side of the aisle. While he sends the troops out to demonize the conservatives because he is too much of a low life to do it himself.
Let’s see he wants more funding to kill unborn children and wants religious organizations who oppose the killing to pay for those deaths.
Need I go on and he is just getting started.
As a conservative you should be really pleased with what is going on.

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All I can say is, wow.

Should you have evidence of this, deemed credible by a Trump appointed judge, I’d be happy to review it.