Dalai Lama says refugees should return home and rebuild?

What do you think? Once you are educated in how a first world nation is ran should you return and rebuild your country? Is it selfish to forget the troubles you left your relatives in?

“He even said European nations must “help them, educate them” and ensure they have a good quality of life. However, the Dalai Lama also suggested these efforts must be made with the provision that the migrants will eventually leave.”

Gosh, I expected the left to call him racist…lol!

Common sense from the Dalai Lama. He hinself has to reflect on his own politicization, even calling himself a marxist in the past.

His life became too posh and soft, maybe he will wake up and get some guts back.

So you agree that refugees should be returned to their homes? All refugees or just certain refugees?

Or maybe it is just the Muslimy refugees.

If he said bad things about Trump, Libs would be swearing he is the essense of truth and wisdom…

Cant each argument stand on its own merit and not have to rely on argument from authority?

Funny. I’ve said the same in AGW debates here. I’ll be sure to look you up for moral support the next time someone tries to refute my own research and argument with “wa wa what about those p p p peer reviewed publications?”

He was attacked by the left when he said that homosexers are not using their “equipment” the way it was intended to be used. He backpedaled a little.

That isn’t an argument simply from authority.

Peer review publications aren’t because “so and so said so” but an addition backed by data to form a consensus about the scientific understanding of something.

The Dalai Lama is offering an opinion and since he is a world figure, it tends to carry more weight than your average joe on the street. That doesn’t mean that that opinion is exempt from examination.

This definition of “home” falls apart for anyone born in a new place.


Do you think a person has any greater loyalty or attachment to a place just because they are born there?

I think he’s saying when they come in they know at some point they’ll have to return… Which is better for the place they left.

If you can’t see the difference between decades of work from thousands of people and the opinion of one person… then that’s on you.

That is simply the only “home” they know, this isn’t some sporting event where you pick sides…

Hmmmm, I’ve made the same case regarding the Iranian born Valerie Jarrett. She called Iran home during the time 90% of her brain was developing. Obama cultists swear that she always knew America was her home.

Now let’s hear the backpedaling from you…3…2…1…go

Southeast Virginia will always be my home even though I never want to live there again.

And Iran will always be the home of the Woman who was Obama’s senior advisor.

A person has the ability to consider more than one place on the planet “home”