Dalai Lama says refugees should return home and rebuild?

At whose expense are you being educated? If you pay your own way then great. Go back to your country when your education is complete. Do you want to make a difference in your own country upon return? Either do or don’t.

Europeans “must” not have to do anything. No “free lunches”.

I could care less how some other posters scarred you, and no, 5 years old is not very significant. Kids are barely even socializing at that age.

When the Dalai Lama returns to his home country, then maybe he’ll have a leg to stand on to tell other people they should also return to theirs.

Where does he live now?

India. He fled Chinese persecution.

I bet he has plans to return…

He fled China 60 years ago.

He has to return to the Middle Way and the Supreme Law.

A person’s brain develops to 90% during the first 5 years.

Backpedal some more. It’s fun to watch.

Damn godless commies… At least he’s close to home…


I barely remember what my life was like 40 years ago.

One can have a fondness for a place and call it “home” without having an allegiance to it over another “home” someone may have.

Your argument is really silly.

I am asking if you agree, not what he said… Is it your position that all refugees should be returned to their home country?

No, but it’s a policy we may consider in the future. Letting them know they will have to go back, if things improve. I would prefer we protected them in them homeland and armed then to fix things… That’s better for both countries…

It was @Cynic 's argument … oh… until it backfired on him.

Keep riding that “brain developed” horse and embarrassing yourself, as if basic cognitive development has anything do with social development and recognition of “home”.

You just look stupid, we all were five and have fleeting memories of that age. School ages are where people develop a cultural identity.

Does this apply to Palestinian refugees?

So those born in European countries but just around 5 years old are ok to send back to their native home?

Where did the Dalai Lama talk about “sending” anyone?

Its fun to watch you agonize over your view of the truth. On the one hand, binding the child tightly to the country of birth makes it easy for you to say "making them return to the country of their parents is just disgusting hatred from righties. Their place of birth is their home! " but it then opens up the argument that ValerieJarrett was acting on behalf of her “home” country Iran.

Yes, the conundrum. So you then challenge whether anyone with any moral authority even said these people should return to their home of their heritage.

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