Daddy, Why Do You Carry Your Gun to the Door?

6 PM. No words spoken. Very lucky homeowners. The police are on the way!

California gun laws.

Interesting. The all black clad shooter in the background came closer to hitting his accomplice than the doorway. That was ugly. Good thing for the doorbell camera. It had them on edge.

Just moved in 4 months ago. Could well be a mistaken ID.

Masks were no help here.


I thought “wrong house!” was interesting as well.

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Is that the kind of society you want to live in? That scared that you have to carry a weapon to your own door? Now suppose you opened the door and it was the cops, and your standing there with a weapon…if you were if the wrong skin shade, they would wait 2 seconds before they put holes in you, or at the very least have you in cuffs with them amine screaming, stop resisting while they beat ya.

As you can see, that is the kind of society we live in.


Would have been funny as hell, Rear shooter shooting his buddy in back of his head.

This comes to mind.


So? Cop better have good excuse to be knocking on your door.

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Here is libs society.

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Two words - meth heads.

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Shot to the buttock region would have been best.

That’s methed up.

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Disagree. Best for those animal be permanently down. At least that’s my two cents. :wink:

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You are right.

No comedy there.

Breana Taylor sound familiar?

Or like this? This one a little more recent

Why among other civiliized countries, is only ours that way?

Head shots. Wounding someone only gives them the opportunity to get some cheap ass lawyer and sue you in civil court.


You’re barking up wrong tree.

As have cops on numerous occasions…

And there should be a price…

So you cite two incidences in the past year, and act like it’s a genocide.

Race baiting at it’s finest.