DACA/extended TPS for wall...that’s what Trump is rumored to be proposing today at 4 PM

Lots of interesting stuff in this story.

*Deal is expected to be very similar to deals Dems have been open to in the past…so a move to put the pressure of public opinion on Dems as opposed to Trump. Of course, it should be pointed out that Trump REJECTED this very type of deal months ago.
*It’s rumored Trump is proposing this now because he wants to have a reason other than tit for tat for canceling Pelosi’s plane that would have taken her to Afghanistan.
*Dems might try to resist anyway, basing their stance on the polls that show the public doesn’t want a wall…and they may tout their bills that include money for all sorts of beefed up border protections…just not a wall.

Will be fascinating to watch how this plays out. If I was the Dems, I’d be tempted to counter with “sign the bipartisan bills we already have in place to end the shutdown…then we’ll talk about this”.

I’m pretty certain this is where they will go…but it will also be interesting if Trump offers only temporary protections to Dreamers or if he offers permanent protections. The Dems should come back with saying

“The judiciary has already determined that revoking the Dreamers rights is unconstitutional. The president should sign the bipartisan bills we already have in place to end the shutdown…then we’ll talk about this”.

3 years of protection for Dreamers won’t do it in exchange for his wall. Won’t pass the House.

He has backed himself into a corner and doesn’t know how to get himself out.


Why does this have to be a public address then?

One federal judge doesn’t decide this. It is up to the Supreme Court and that is still an open question.

I missed that. Ha ha…not happening.

Trying to put public pressure on the Democrats, that’s why.

I’m cool with waiting for the Supreme Court to decide.

They already didn’t take the case on.

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Yeah if that’s what the deal is, I agree…but if I was the Dems, I’d still not rule it out…I’d go the “end the shutdown, then we’ll talk” route.

This term.

You know if they turn it down once they don’t consider for cert again, right?

I truly think he assumes this is a hardball tactic to put pressure on Dems. Since Trump has no idea how to negotiate in a real sense, he’s trying to create a “campaign rally” feel to a negotaition point he already backed out of only months ago.

He’s moving dirt around…just like in his book.


Trump could have gotten 25B for this deal. Now he’s take 5?

Nice work.

Also, this is all stupid until trump can show us what his real plan for the wall is.

Is that how it works?

The article I read stated that

Yeah, and it’s stupid - if the D’s don’t take it, what’s he gonna do? Round up the dreamers and send them away? Courts won’t let him. And the public would fry him.

His position is untenable.

Dude is flailing. And it’s gonna get ugly in the next couple weeks as government workers go another round of no paychecks, security risks at airports mount, the GDP continues to shrink and his poll numbers continue to drop.

I dont want any deal-making on this nonsense until the government is open and people are getting their back pay. Until he and McConnell release the hostages, their ideas should not be entertained.

I agree- even the sweetest deals should be ignored. No more negotiating with someone who is holding a million people hostage.