DACA/extended TPS for wall...that’s what Trump is rumored to be proposing today at 4 PM

The Supreme Court doesn’t appear to share your opinion and is fine with the federal judge deciding on the matter

The U.S. Supreme Court took no action Friday on President Donald Trump’s bid to end deportation protections for hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants, suggesting the program may stay in place at least until the end of this year.

Under the court’s usual practices, Friday was the last day to accept an appeal and schedule the case for the last week of arguments in late April. The court’s current term runs through June, and the next one starts in October.


Maybe next year though. It’s not a pressing matter right now.

Taking bets on whether Trump actually uses a shovel as a prop tonight.

Donald has already shown us that the only way to negotiate with him is to bribe him by booking out a floor of hotel rooms.

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Wait. He’s doing this in the middle of “negotiating a deal?”

Or maybe a vid clip of machinery moving dirt. His hands are too small and not calloused enough to hold a shovel.

I’m only going to watch it to see how much he slurs.

If he slurs a lot, my guess is he knows he’s screwed.

If a little, he thinks he’s doing fantastically.

Wait . . . maybe it’s the other way around.

Donald Trump is the greatest Negotiator in history. People write books about his leadership qualities. Thanks to his mastery of chess, he backed Nancy Pansy in a corner and now the Democrats retreat as usual. Democrats are not concerned about the millions of Americans affected by this Shutdown. That is why the Shutdown lasted so long. If they really care about government employees, they will not destroy the economy because of this shutdown. Now we have to build a wall that will hurt people. This is the policy of the Democratic Party. Soon people will realize that the Republicans are the real masters of the economy, and Donald Trump is the greatest Republican.

They have not denied cert, as of now.

They could take it up next session, or they could not. Either way, they won’t rule on it before 2020.

We need a pathway to citizenship for DACA people. Period.

Nancy, just say no.


We will extend DACA on a day by day basis each time you give wall money.

Who wouldn’t love this deal?

A permanent deal for DACA people for a permanent addl fencing.


Not a perm. deal. We’ve heard this before. Nothing new.

Fox is hilarious, they’re acting like this is a breakthrough new offer.

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Being disingenuous is all they have.

And in a week he will declare a national emergency and will see how the supreme court defines the DACA’s in ten months.

So, I thought Trump was suppose to be some kind of genius negotiator or something. He had the chance to get a $25 billion deal for DACA at one point, and turned it down. Now he’s begging for just $5 billion for DACA? Has anyone explained to him how negotiation is suppose to work?

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A nothing burger proposal.