D.C. Statehood vote

Oh so preoccupied with the term “Libs” … You fart it out of your mouth a few hundred times a day…

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I guess this was serious

I know them all too well.

Washington DC has always had a greater population than Wyoming. Until it became solid Democrat that didn’t seem to be a problem.

I havent seen any evidence of this in the 15 years we have been posting here…

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They lost Rustbelt and fly over country…so they’re desperately seeking those 2 extra senate seats to make up for that lost.

You know it, I know it and so do libs.

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It would have the same electoral votes as Vermont

Fine with me.
That doesn’t create two new Senate seats, though.

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Eh, his support has already tanked there. Try again.

The rust belt went back to pre 2016 spreads in 2018…so…your point is old and outdated

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Is that why repugs picked up 2 senates seats in Rustbelt?

During the 2018 midterms, all the three states that delivered Trump his victory in 2016 (Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin), the Democrats won the senate and governor’s races.

BTW, I am not for D.C. Statehood.

You lost the house because of it and the governor seatbin wi

California effected turn over of the house far more then Rustbelt region.

Did you just call Missouri and Florida the Rust Belt? :rofl:

I wonder what the reaction would be if it would create two GOP Senators.

I would still be for Statehood as a path for the disenfranchised to have full representation.

That is more important than any short term partisan win.

How would others feel?

Indiana and Iowa.

Are they not the Rustbelt…yes or no?

Sorry it was Missouri not Iowa. My bad.

Of course they should be granted Statehood. There is no reason it shouldn’t be a state just because it’s the seat of the Federal govt.

As a former DC resident and current resident in Maryland in the county that borders DC east of the Anacostia river, this is not going to happen. The residents of Prince George’s county would have a fit. DC residents in SE and NE will vote this down too.

They are not Rust Belt. They are Farm Belt. And Sen. Ernst has been an IA Senator since 2015 and Sen. Grassley has been an IA Senator since like 1884 or something (1981.)