D.C. Statehood vote

In a bill that will not pass the Senate, The house is set to vote on DC statehood next week.

Before this is dismissed out of hand, becuase I know it will be… more than likely out of partisan fears… Washington DC has a greater population than Wyoming, so this is a significant portion of the population that does not enjoy proper representation.

I would prefer to see the populated portions of the district retro-ceded to Maryland. Maryland allows for a very high degree of home rule, so a Columbia County/Washington City, Maryland would have both Congressional representation and a high degree of autonomy with Maryland.

There is a reason why the capital doesn’t reside in a state.

To bad libs don’t like that reason…tough.

That would also be acceptable to me.

The GOP should counter with something… now… the question is would Maryland want the city?

I know that statehood would be tricky… DC would automatically be among the poorest states… because it’s only industry is servicing the Federal Government.

But the fact that the are hundreds of thousands of people who do not have full representation is a wrong that needs to be corrected

This isn’t a liberal/ conservative thing.

This is about guaranteeing proper representation to all US citizens.

it’s also bigger than Vermont in population, and nearly bigger than Alaska and the Dakotas. Taxation without representation.

Taxation without representation to own the libs.

If you’re worried about their representation why not just return all the remaining land D.C. occupies to Maryland as they did with the Virginia side?

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If it’s not going to be considered a state, allow the voters from land taken from Virginia/Maryland to have their votes counted in those respective states. I’m sure the GOP would also not like that though as it would make Virginia more liberal.

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no one is forcing them to stay…it’s not like a wall surrounds the city.

hurrr durrr LIBS hurrr durrr

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You have an issue if maryland absorbed them?

I think that the next Democratic president should just declare Republican brainwashing a national emergency and remove the Senators from the most conservative states.

After all, nobody is forced to stay in Wyoming, Idaho, Mississippi, etc.

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Do it.

Then there you go…a happy medium

But that’s not what libs want…they want 2 senate seats.

Fairly sure if that was offered people would go for it…stop talking as if you know liberals…you dont…

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DC is not a state and should NEVER be considered for statehood…period. There are reasons for DC not to be a state just as there are reasons that “we” have an electoral college and the primary reason is too much power in one area that can easily morph into corruption.

Like a little Dutch boy with his finger stuck in a dike; it’s comedy watching the old crusties try and keep their grip as they disappear.