D.C Statehood. Two questions

I respectfully ask that you not answer the question that you find the easiest. Please make an attempt to answer both. Thanks!

  1. Why did the founders not make D.C. part of a state? Subject to state laws and influence.

  2. After nearly 250 years, why are these reasons no longer valid?

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When subjects of the what the founder’s “wishes” may have been I usually respond with that they have been dead for quite a long time and we are free to govern ourselves as we see fit.

There are some good arguments against DC statehood. I happen to not subscribe to them seeing as representation should be what is most important. And having said that, placing DC into Maryland would be a solution that I would be fine with…

But “What the Founders wanted” is imo a terrible place to argue from.


Except for the Constitution.


Rats want two more senators, so instead of returning the remaining district to Maryland from where it came they are pushing this crap.

It’s all about power.


Your answer is terrible. You passed judgement on the founders rather than answer either question. Thanks for contributing nothing to the conversation. Your reply is void of anything useful.

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Let’s see how long it takes for any wokie to take a crack at answering my two very simple questions.

I have passed no judgement on the Founders.

They would want us to determine our own path instead of worshiping at the alter of what we think was their intent.

Who cares, they are dead. Have been for a long time.

You just answered your own question

You have answered neither of my questions. So there’s that.

Because in a lot of ways the question is meaningless. What their intent was doesn’t really matter.

We get to put on the big boy pants and decide for ourselves the best course.

No where in their writings did any of them say “Don’t you future people dare change anything that we do”


Stupid reply. Does the first amendment expire too? I’m asking you to answer the question from what YOU understand. Let’s hear it.

Again. You offer zero? Why are you commenting on something that you have no interest in answering? My questions do have answers. And your dodges are getting more lame with each reply.

Because when it comes to the question of DC Statehood in 2021 the opinions of men from the early 1800’s doesn’t really matter.

If you want to make a case against DC statehood… fine… do it.

But to engage in a course of thinking that dead people wouldn’t want us to is silly.


The reason it was initially set up the way it was no longer matters? What changed?


Because of 250 years passing?

How many states were there at the time of the writing of the USA constitution? If there were fewer states than what there is currently, that answers the second question.

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You are stuck in a loop repeating yourself. What is the original reason for not making D.C. a state no longer valid? You keep babbling that it isn’t. You just refuse to babble as to why.


It isn’t that hard to look up and see the unique and important charter of DC.

Thinking it should be a state is projecting an ignorance of federalism and the Constitution.

I forgot that Columbus has a role also…Laughs in Italian explorer…


Explain how the number of states makes a difference? And what number is too high to let DC remain as is? I need a little more of a bold explanation. Yours is quite vague.

What amendment states that DC shouldn’t be a state?

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