Cutting aid to Latin America could backfire on the WH

U.S provides aid to countries not out of the goodness of their heart but because they are trying to fix issues that directly effect them. a large percent of aid to countries like combat Drugs trafficking which is the root cause of political unrest which is driving people to flee.

removal of aid could backfire on the US, if these countries end up cutting their police, military funding to combat drug trafficking the violence could increase and more people will flee to the U.S.

On Saturday, the administration said it plans to cut off what has been around $700 million a year in aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Experts said the administration is essentially throwing the baby out with the bathwater if it ends financial assistance to the Northern Triangle, as the three countries are known.

The money was part of a $2.6 billion package Congress created after the 2014 surge in children from the three countries arriving at the U.S. border. The money helps pay for programs to curb violence, promote economic development and improve security.

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Trump wants more immigrants coming to the border, so he can demagogue against them and their caravans.


Something tells me that this money will buy the happiness “we” are looking for because those in power now need it.

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So not helping countries combat drug trafficking will motivate them to combat drug trafficking?

You’re so sweet.

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how is removing aid somehow going to stabilize these countries so people don’t flee?

Let’s watch and see.

Maybe we could divert that money to fund something that will help keep those fleeing from their country from entering our country. Maybe something like a wall… What a concept, American taxpayer dollars being spent to help Americans and letting other countries pay for their own interests.

But the wall is free. A gift from our southern neighbor. Don’t you remember the art of that deal?

Not a good idea to give in to extortion, pay us or we will invade you, nope.

It’s not like this is some unknown experiment, we already know what will happen.

Foreign aid like this isn’t charity. You’re buying something.

China might well just step in and offer up the aid in exchange for a military base or port somewhere down the line to be fair.

Not like it’d be their first foray into Latin America.

More extortion.

Nah, just the reality atm.

You want to be the economic and militairy super-power, that comes with strings.

If you don’t like the strings, someone else will step in.


But yet we still give money to israel… For what?

There are carrots but there are also sticks.

Rofl, a second ago you were complaining about extortion.


Trump is walking sofly… :sunglasses:

Yes, Trump is very subtle.

Depends on the ends, big difference in punishing someone for being a narco state or inviting enemies into your sphere of influence and doing so to allow you to invade their country without consequence. Oh and national defense isn’t about fairness, it is intrinsically placing your interests above those of other countries.