Current State of the 2024 Election

did any democrat coerce him into make alleged illegal hush money payments to a porn star?

that was his own doing?


10% to the big guy.


Trump usually doesn’t need as much as the others.


Its cute how the Trump crowd believe in polls when they favor Trump. When the polling is against Trump, they dig into the questions and mechanics of the poll to discredit it or rely on the old stand by such and such polling org is part of the deep state.

As for me, I have always had a healthy disdain for polls. Sure they migh influence one or two voters but the only poll that has meaning is the election.

Yeah the OP did provide a good laugh. :rofl:

Sounded like it was taken from the Biden campaign talking pts.


The teacher’s union “gives back” a lot.

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The OP needs a fact checker. :face_with_monocle:

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Who do you know that would be influenced as to which candidate to vote for based on a poll? :upside_down_face:

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No one personally but then again its not a question I ask people.

I do think there is an argument that polls can influence a vote, for example we know historically when the dems are running high in polls it can hurt them on election day because voters feel there is less urgency to vote.

Me personally I think all polls are ■■■■■■■■■ its an industry that has convinced people they provide a needed service and make a crap ton of money from it.

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He is value driven and efficient.

Normally he would have to buy air time. Now the nuisance lawsuits give him a free microphone so the judges have to try and silence him. Good luck with that, it just drags out the process.

Easy come easy go.

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It’s cute how the leftists believe polls when it is about homosexual marriage, but poo poo polls that show biden is a disaster.

And before you attempt to deflect to that.

I personally don’t believe polls. Too easy to skew.
Intentionally or Unintentionally.
Way to many variables.

As far as money goes, Trump gets by with less because he is on TV all the time anyways, and that is free publicity. If they televise his trials it may actually help him with his base, at least in garnering additional funds.

I am suspicious about the polls in general. In 2016 there were a lot of Trump voters who didn’t want to say so to the pollsters. People lie. And I see the same thing now, but in a different light. I think that women are not saying they are voting for their reproductive rights but are doing so in droves when elections happen. Take that Alabama district, the Dem won by 25 points but polling earlier was actually very close and Trump won that district in 2020.

I think that folks are going to vote more for their wants and needs and less about the politician come November, and abortion is going to have an outsized influence on the election. Especially women, who have seen their rights get diminished and their reproductive lives get regulated. You have no idea how bad it is that Alabama restricted IVF, that was a warning shot for every woman in America that it isn’t going to stop at overturning Roe.


…did any government institution illegally provide hush money to censor Twitter from anything portraying Hunter’s laptop prior to the 2020 election? Does that matter to you or is that…different?


Well, that didn’t happen so yeah it is different.

there are at least a dozen or two (battery operated) vehicles with 50,000 ballots all cast for Biden (or whomever the democrat candidate is) inside each vehicle at each “important” polling place…

Great post


Yet the Trump lead in major battleground states is 3.2%. It really doesn’t matter how large Biden’s lead in California is.


Uh, huh…what would Elon Musk know about this compared to you? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

He knows everything donchakno.

At least in his own mind he is all knowing.

To the rest of us?

Eh, not so much.