Current State of the 2024 Election

Polls say that Biden exceeded expectations for and generally delivered a strong SOTU address.

Biden has cut Trump’s RCP Average lead from 4.3% less than 2 months ago to just 1%.

Biden has more than double the $$$ in his campaign war chest than Trump and that advantage is growing every month.

Biden’s economy continues to chug along with fantastic month after month GDP and Employment numbers and Inflation moderating. The impossible soft landing seems to have been achieved.

Consumer sentiment is improving.

The Biden Impeachment was a failure and an embarrassment for Republicans.

The Southern Border, Ukraine and Israel remain challenges for Biden.

The GOP Congress is in disarray and widely considered a joke.

Trump’s RCP average lead diminishing. He is low on funds and both his small money and large donors seem to have lost enthusiasm.

Trump is spending 50% of his campaign funds on legal bills.

Billionaire Trump is too broke to hold rallies.

Trump is fighting criminal cases on multiple fronts.

Trump owes $175mm to NYS and $90mm to E Jean Carroll.

Reproductive Rights, Election Denial, Insurrection, Character Issues are all bad for the GOP.

Trump seems unable to get his support to over ~45% meaning he has to rely on third parties to drain Biden support or he is likely going to lose again.


Good luck.


What a hilarious op. The kid sniffer doesnt even know where he is at half of the time. Heck he cant even string a coherent sentence together without stuttering and stammering. Camella is no better. I would say the op is living a fantasy


There are actually quite a few recent polls that have Trump a bit over 45 % with some where he’s straddling 50.

Considering the baked in Electoral College advantage, he looks to be in decent shape.

If you’re a Democrat, however, you might find solace in the fact that Republicans have underperformed in elections compared to polling of late - and of course, the massive GOTV machine.

Wow did someone just read the latest talkingpoint email/memo??

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its an even race between the two losers.

both have major flaws and unpopular with the majority of citizens.


Is the Biden impeachment investigation done?


done for all intents and purposes.

once the lying russian was exposed, it threw cold water on the investigation.


…and last but not least said the sheoplized Brandonite…“orange man baaa, baaa, baaad”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


and of course the “lets go Brandon” cheers from the righties.

its pretty bad out there politically speaking.

both sides hate each other.


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Hate…is the only thing…I hate. I don’t care for your misguided politics sir but by your posts, I know you have a good heart.

Cheers. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Good. These frivolous lawsuits are connected to his campaign.

TOPLINE Conservative billionaires Liz and Dick Uihlein are backing President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Liz and Dick have 5+ billion each.


How much did Ukraine donate to Biden’s campaign?


Only in leftist/marxist dreams is it done. The Russian didn’t tell anything that we didn’t already know.

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liz and dick have quite opened their pockets yet.

from newsweek

“The president’s campaign recently reported having $155 million cash on hand and raised $53 million alone in February, with the incumbent saying during an interview with WNOV 860 earlier this month that they have 1.5 million donors, including 500,000 which are “brand new” and “small donors” giving under $200.

The BBC reported that Trump and his political action committees declared having just $74 million“


you just cant deny that trump is having money problems.

its hard to raise funds sitting in a courtroom.


And he is ahead in most every poll. LOL

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Biden does have a lot more campaign cash.

China pays well.


…which anyone can see is the whole corrupt purpose with those that have their eyes open.

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almost every poll. lol

from wed March 27, 2024 quinnipic poll

“In a head-to-head presidential election matchup, 48 percent of voters support President Joe Biden and 45 percent support former President Donald Trump. This is virtually unchanged from Quinnipiac University’s February 21 poll.”

biden will win the most votes almost without question.


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