Crits Gotta Crit Amazing - 1984 Puts On A Skirt

Fine. But George Orwell is dead. It is not possible to write 1984 from a feminist perspective because 1984 has already been written. Write another book from a feminist perspective and let it stand on its own.

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Wasn’t it approved by his estate? And what do you care anyway?

Change their culture? :rofl:

Everything should change the we way we think it should change. But it won’t!

Don’t know about other folks, but I definitely consider prose a craft.

My personal motto as a writer is “The last edit you do is one edit too few.”

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Why do you care? You posted first.
Whether I care or not, whether the administrators approve or not, 1984 has already been written.

I’m amused why other people care. I find it kind of disturbing. So, I’m curious.

I don’t find it interesting as to why you care whether I care or not, so you will just have to ponder that mystery on your own.
But, ok, I find it presumptuous to go rewrite someone else’s book that they, not the administrators of his estate, wrote.

I won’t ponder that too long. My work is done.

Basically, “rewriting” 1984 would be like copying the Mona Lisa, sticking a mustache on it, and claiming they have repainted the Mona Lisa.


Are they rewriting it or are they making more of a companion book to the original? Its not like they’re going to take the original out of print. If I was a reader, I’d probably find a different take on it interesting. Whats so wrong with a different perspective?

“Non-binary” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:t5:

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I could not agree with this more…and also tv man strikes again :joy:

It seems Fox is obsessed with this kind of thing,…Gotta keep the flock outraged, outrage sells.

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I’m not outraged. I’m amused.

Whatever works for ya…But multiple “Crit” posts say otherwise. Actually maybe there should be a 'One and only Crit" Thread. :thinking:

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Good idea. Put it in the suggestion box.

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I prefer someone’s original works to modifications of dead artists original works. If they have to piggyback on some original creator’s thoughts are you looking into the mind of the creator or the copier?
If the copier is that talented, they should come up with their own mental universe.
Lots of writers have carried on the mythos of Lovecraft, none have matched his imagination.