Crits Gotta Crit Amazing - 1984 Puts On A Skirt

:rofl: Outstanding! I can’t wait.

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I knew this one belonged somewhere else. :rofl:


Didn’t feminism find a haven in Communist countries?

The tyranny of the Taliban originated in part from male students who got nothing but an
“education” from illiterate mullahs, while female students enjoyed every educational and professional opportunity under Soviet occupation.

Why, then, do we need a woman’s perspective?


I’m tired of rewrites that change the color and gender of various characters. I can’t believe modern writers are so lacking in creativity they can’t develop their own female and minority characters.

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I am mildly confused. The book had a woman’s perspective. Not first person but still

I am also confused. I guess the first person is the point of the new book.

But, most importantly, we should be upset by this.

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They got you!! :rofl:

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It’s fiction. My goodness people

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Hey guys… celebrate… this is Capitalism!!!

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Are you sure it isn’t totalitarianism?

I mean…book about totalitarianism…second book written from perspective of female character…totalitarianism.

Makes sense.

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I think we need more books written from a female perspective. I can think of one in particular off the top of my head.

I don’t think we “need” anything. Especially not right now. That’s the notion that irks people when this comes up, at least in my opinion.

I simply think artists should be able to do what they want with art without it upsetting people so much. So, write away.



I mean. I am not going to buy it.

It’s like we really didn’t need “Closing Time” as a sequel to “Catch -22” which is a perfect novel imo.

But we got it.



It seems Winston has become “Wilma”.

Will the new version be TERF or Woke?

I heard that song “closing time” on the radio for the first time in like 5 years today and can’t get it out of my head. And that’s my story for today. Thanks for listening.


Is it ironic that the sequel we will never see is Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money?


That’s what I thought you meant too. I think I first heard that in 1974 or something. Ol’ 55 was also favorite.

Just asking the question. I mean, will it be simply a feminist rehash or a Woke word vomit of what might have merely been a feminist rehash? Will it be something that South Park can still send up? Or will it be so stupid that any attempt to lampoon it will have to be left to Family Guy?

It could be all of those things. That’s what art does, even really bad art, which this will probably be.

“Art” he says.

Prose should be considered a craft.