Criticizing the press

Definitely wrong for person in power to criticize a press agency. It is wrong when Trump says the MSM is an enemy of the people, or just the media is a broader context. It is wrong to target CNN or Msnbc, their voices are important. It is important in a free and democratic society to have a press that is critical of the people in power.
On this we can all agree.

However, it is fine for Obama and Hillary to attack fox news. Throw in de Blasio. Maybe Pelosi and Antifa. Help me figure this out. Is it really bad to attack the press? just sometimes?

Depends on the reason for the attack.

Criticizing them and calling them an enemy of the people are two completely different animals.

100 Senators agree with me

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If Fox News has a report that Obama is gay, like one of our posters here continues to say, he has every right to attack that story.

What Trump is doing is telling all Republicans that non Republican media is the enemy of the people.

Trump is making a broadcast brush attack againt the media. His constant barrage of tweets is trying to send the message that we should trust him and defacto the government when it comes to news and information.

Obama made a small number of criticisms against Fox and he never went on an extended campaign to criticize them.

We all know if Obama had made even less than than 1% of the tweets that Trump has made this forum would be in meltdown that Obama was wanting to move to a state run media. Hell Obama did nothing and was accused of setting up a secret geatapo style secret police by the same posters that now are so mesmerized by Trump that they cannot find the intellectual honesty to criticize.

And as I write this I see Trump has tweeted a blanket statement about how social media is against Republicans who support conservatives!

Clinton ripped into the press his first year in office. Though it seemed like a passing comment he did go after them.

Presidents did it all the time. I think the President should address those who are critical of him and his policies. He is an elected official and is therefore subject to evisceration by the media if need be. This is true for any President.

The problem with the President is not so much “enemy of the people” nonsense. That’s histrionics on his part. The problem is the methodical way in which he has deemed any negative news that is actual news as fake news. That undermines the ability of those who elected him to differentiate between what is real and what isn’t.

These boards are a perfect example of that. “We argue about reality” because the President, his aides, and his attorney can’t address the criticism or the negativity and instead talk of alternative facts and whether they are in the eye of the beholder.

PS sorry @margaretms2, i couldn’t help but steal that. :slight_smile:️


Who decides?

:rofl: James Rosen.

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Reporters have called Trump a racist traitor.

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The facts.

read the de Blasio comments, and follow Pelosi and Obama on fox. nothing new here.

actually, that was to placate the resistance, tongue in cheek, that is why I pointed out the attacks on fox by leftist politicians.

it just so happens that top intelligence, doj and fbi officials leaked the dossier to the press and the press promulgated the false narrative, This type of organized propaganda is reminiscent of the Gestapo in Germany.

in such a case the press is definitely the enemy of the people.

The press. The actual press openly discussed the leaked memo. They didn’t give it credence. You guys should really read the times the wapo etc on the dossier.

As to your gestapo quip. If you want to actually make a comparison. It’s not nazi Germany. It’s right here’ve in the good old USA. Hoover fed the press all the time. I have a feeling though that most of you did t have a problem with those false narratives the.

I am sorry, are you saying Hoover took over the press as the Nazis did? are you also saying that the MSM has not pushed the collusion narrative?

Press doesn’t get immunity.

If they can’t handle criticism and insults…then don’t dish it out.

But again we all know libs are special little Snowflakes.

You said reminiscent. I gave you something to reminisce about. Hoover used the press all the time. That you choose to ignore that, is rather telling

The Msm has been discussing the collusion narrative and yes overly so because they clearly don’t like the President. But that being said you guys ignore the fact that both Bush and Clinton were eviscerated in the press. Narratives is what sells papers.

You discuss politics in the most myopic way i have ever seen to be honest.

Yes and when Clinton ripped into the press for his treatment of his actions, i am sure all of you defended Clinton…

Or when Obama made a comment in passing about Fox News, you too gave him the pass and told Fox News to buck up

I just figure all fair in love and war.

BTW…the press isn’t my friend.